Debatable: Is Veganism “Trendy”

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I have only been vegan for almost 8 months but I started my journey well over a year ago, slowly cutting out meat, then fish then dairy followed by only purchasing cruelty free products and clothing. It was a whole process for me, it was an awakening, after seeing documentaries like Earthlings and Cowspiricy, I could no longer contribute and my whole mindset had changed. I believe that taking small steps over the course of a few months to a year is the most effective way to go vegan and stay vegan. But if people are willy nilly going vegan with no research or real care for it… well I’m worried that they won’t stay on the right path, or do it for the right reasons.

 I’m all for spreading the vegan message in any way possible as much as the next plant loving friend… and I have been reading a lot in the news lately that vegansim is slowly becoming the biggest “trend” in the UK. 

When I say those words… Veganism becoming a “trend” it makes me feel very different things. On one hand I’m like… “hell yeah! this is such awesome news” and on the other hand I’m like… “oh no, will people take it seriously enough” 

And I know what all non-vegan’s will say, “well isn’t that what you wanted?” And the answer is, Yes! We do want Vegansim to become a trend, we want it to be the norm! But we do not want people to simply think of it as a fashion statement, or something to make them stand out from the crowd. Vegansim is not just about you. It is mostly about the animals, their welfare and their rights, It is the most selfless lifestyle on the planet, and should never be seen as a ‘fad’. 

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vegan angle

I wouldn’t describe vegan ethics as ‘trendy’, though there are two groups of people who have jumped on the bandwagon for reasons of ‘virtue signalling’; the first being various slebs to improve their respective public images; the second being the insecure ‘safe space’ obsessed millennials who have to be part of as many ‘persecuted’ minority groups as they can be. The latter group in particular do more harm than good.