Debatable: How to Spread the Vegan Message

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Personally, I believe that there is no ‘correct’ way to spread the Vegan message and educate others on plant based living. If you have a voice and the knowledge to back up everything you are saying, spread it like wildfire, I say! As long as you are not physically hurting anyone or causing harm. Any approach will do.

But as long as you DO something.

I don’t have this blog to shove my views in other people’s faces, or frustrate anyone. I have it to express my own thoughts, educate others and provide some interesting reading material for people who are considering Veganism.  I want to show people that its not nearly as hard or expensive as everyone makes out to be. For me, this feels like the most I can physically do at this moment in time with the resources that I have. But at least I am doing something, right. 

Do you think there is a ‘wrong’ way to spread the message? And what do you think is the most effective way of changing people’s minds on Vegansim?

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Rae 🌱❤️ 

“Please don’t refuse with your eyes what the animals endure with their bodies.”

-Shaun Monson

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