Debatable: Vegans can eat eggs!!?

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Do you think that it is OK to eat eggs from a hen that you or someone you know owns?

(please note that I know this subject isn’t really debatable, I just want to hear your thoughts about it) x 

I don’t get those people who claim they are vegan and still eat eggs.

Yes, I understand that your best friend keeps them in his/her garden and they live in a chicken mansion and they wouldn’t use them anyway. But you are still taking something from an animal, still putting something into your body that has no need to be there.

Plus, it’s a hen’s period… and that’s pretty gross.

The thing is, eggs are pretty bad for you. The yolk is full of cholesterol and the whites are a pretty crappy source of protein. Tofu is an amazing substitute for scrambled eggs, and you can use a whole boatload of other things to replace eggs when baking, they even have actual Vegan eggs now! Look it up!

 They are a pointless, cruel food source and they are 100% NOT VEGAN.

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