Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Vegan!?


Are you Vegan?…She’s Judging you with her eyes

You simply can’t be a vegan without having someone down your throat telling you that you don’t get enough protein, meat is good for you or that Climate Change isn’t a result of 60 Billion animals being farmed and killed year after year.

And on some level, I don’t blame them. In pretty much every country on earth we are raised with a food pyramid that tells us to include meat and dairy into our every day lives….
I haven’t been Vegan my whole life so I know the mindset of people who consume meat and dairy and I remember how I used to feel towards vegans or even vegetarians! I had a lot of questions and no idea where to find the answers. I used to say silly selfish things like, “I love mayonnaise too much to be vegan”

But  ignorance is not an excuse.

If you have access to the resources that will show you how these animals are treated, it should be a necessity to know. I did my research, I watched the documentaries and I feel like I have gained  valuable knowledge that I can pass on to my friends & family…. If they wish to listen.

I have heard it all when it comes to excuses for not being vegan, and I am always happy to respond to them. So if you are new to this vegan thing or considering veganism, and are getting stick from every angle, I hope this article will help <3

“But we are like lions, we are natural born carnivores and need meat to survive”  – Look at the Anatomy of a Lion, a Bear, an Owl even! They have claws, razor sharp teeth and the natural ability to hunt without weapons. They can rip meat from the body of an animal and digest it without having to season and cook it. THEY are natural born Carnivores, they need meat to survive. We have flat, blunt teeth for biting into fruits and vegetables, nails instead of claws to peel, we cannot run at high speeds & lock our jaws into an antelope and devour it. We can’t even eat chicken raw…

“But if we don’t drink the cows milk, their udders will burst” – I’m not joking, someone Genuinely said this to me…. my response was, well if they didn’t take away the baby cow, then her milk would go to use. Then I did a massive eye roll.

“Ok, I get not eating meat.. But dairy is fine. The cows aren’t killed for it!” – You know who I feel the most sorry for out of all the animals that are used as products. Dairy Cows, In my eyes they have it the worst! Just imagine you have been kept inside a box, inside a barn for the first part of your adult life. Then when you are able to breed either a human hand or a huge metal rod containing seamen is forced into you, impregnating you so your milk can be harvested for someone else. Then as soon as you give birth to your child it is ripped away from you, never to be seen again (most baby cows are killed in their early life for veal) Only to have this entire process repeated over, and over and over again. Until you are so physically weak you can barely stand. Then you are sent off to the slaughter house where you will be shot in the head in front of hundreds of others just like you, so that your body can be cut up and used for meat. The dairy industry is the cruelest industry on the planet.  

“How will me not buying it, stop them from breeding/killing animals?” – Well, every single time you buy meat, dairy or anything containing animal bi-products, you are funding the companies that make them. You are paying the salary of the person who works in the slaughter house killing innocent beings. If you stop buying it, they loose a customer for life, and It might not seem like much to you. But to any company, the loss of even 1 customer is HUGE! Because the changes in your lifestyle will naturally influence those around you. Imagine if every 1 person going vegan also changed the lifestyle of just 3 more people around them…. It spreads like wildfire!

“Meat is good for you” – I cannot believe that human beings of the 21st Century truly believe that it is. Meat is NOT good for you, your body does not need it! Meat is full of hormones, cholesterol, saturated fat and they have to remove things like tumors and cysts before they prepare it to be packaged. How on any planet is that good for you??? It has some of protein yes, but it is a very bad source of protein. You can get the same amount of  protein from beans, vegetables and even peanut butter! Meat substitutes or “mock meats” are improving all the time, they are plant based so they are made with beans, wheat, soy and vegetables, much better for you than the muscle, tendons and blood of another being. In no time at all mock meat will be readily available to people all over the world, whether you live in LA, London or Skegness.

“But I like cheese too much to be vegan” -Every time you buy cheese made from an animal you are contributing to the rape and torture of billions of dairy cows, goats and sheep each year. This is more important that you enjoying a bit of brie every now and then. Plus vegan cheese is not as bad or expensive as you think! And it won’t give you acne or make you feel sick! (also you can make it at home in no time!)

“But I have children, I can’t bring them up without meat or dairy!” –  Actually, it’s better if you do bring them up without meat or dairy. Meat and dairy are directly linked with all kinds of diseases and illnesses, Cancer, Heart Disease, Strokes, Cholesterol Issues, Diabetes, Chest Problems, Skin Problems… it goes on. Imagine what that meat and dairy is doing to your child. I do not have children, but the thought of feeding them a dead animal or the milk of another species makes me feel a little bit sick. If you have children just try and all eat vegan for one week. Watch YouTube videos of people who are vegan and have children, see how they feed their kids, how they shop and how they prepare their meals and save money at the same time!

“But if we don’t eat the animals, there will be too many” – Simple answer, animals are bred to be killed. If the consumption of animals declines, so will the need to breed them.

“I buy free range eggs/chickens and grass fed meat, my meat is humane” – This makes absolutely no difference to the condition the animals are kept in. Free range chickens are given a few feet more of living space. They are still kept in horrific conditions forced into tiny barns by the thousands and have their beaks & toes ripped off with no anesthetic to stop them fighting and killing each other. AND THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HUMANE MEAT!!! Do you really think that keeping an animal in a box against it’s will its entire life where it is beaten, raped and abused so that when it has lived a quarter of its life it is shot in the head with a gun, then chopped up to be your dinner… is Humane. No. At the end of the day, whether you are buying meat from an animal kept in a box, or from an animal kept in a field. You are still taking the life of another being for your own personal pleasure. THAT IS WRONG.

“Animals are put on earth for us to eat” – Does that also mean that your dog is here for you to eat, your cat, your hamster, your pet bird or rabbit? If those animals have rights why do not cows, chickens, ducks, pigs, fish, shellfish. Humans have just as much right to take the life of an animal, as they do to take the life of another human being. 

“But I am just one person, I won’t make any difference” – Take it from me when I say You will! This was one of the main reasons I didn’t go vegan years ago, I used to think that me going vegan wasn’t going to change anything in the bigger picture. But this is also a lame excuse to carry on eating the things you shouldn’t. I know of 4 people who have become Vegetarian or Pescatarian since I have been vegan. My boyfriend no longer drinks milk, rarely has cheese or eggs and has cut down on meat drastically, and 2 old work colleagues have directly told me they are considering veganism. I’m not saying that I directly influenced them, but when 1 person makes a change and stands up and says that consuming animals isn’t right. It makes it a lot easier for others to do the same.

“Plants have feelings too” – No they do not. They do not have a central nervous system, a brain and the organs that make up an animal, they cannot feel they do not have families and they do not communicate. They are not animals, they are plants. They ARE put on earth for us to eat. 

“If you like animals so much, why are you eating all their food” –I’m pretty sure that people say this as a joke… but I will answer it anyway. Farming animals uses more land and causes more greenhouse gasses than farming plants. It’s cruel and inhumane to farm animals, its not cruel or inhumane to farm plants. People can grow plants in their back garden, on their balcony or even in their kitchen. Its more sustainable, cost effective, better for the environment and better for your health.

Let me know what excuses you have heard for not being vegan And don’t forget to follow my blog! I post every Thursday <3 

     Rae🌱 ❤️

“Man is the only animal that can remain on friendly terms with the victims he intends to eat until he eats them.” – Samuel Butler

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