Debatable: Going Cold Tofurkey!

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Cold Tofurkey… like what I did there?

This week on Debatable, I want to ask you guys how you became vegan? Did you go full cold Turkey? Or was it a gradual process? and most importantly…

What do you think is the best way to go Vegan?

For me, it was gradual. I first cut meat, then eggs, then fish, then dairy followed by boycotting anything that isn’t cruelty free/vegan and avoiding any kind of establishment that uses animals as a form of entertainment! This took me a total of 10 months and at the time I gave up meat, I didn’t have in my head that I would eventually become Vegan. I just did it because I wanted to see how I could survive without meat for a few weeks.

One thing I haven’t mentioned before on this blog is that I actually tried to go vegan a few years ago! I made a drunken bet with a friend, and swore I could be Vegan for 1 week…I lasted all of 3 days, because I indulged on some cool Doritos (not knowing that they weren’t vegan, FYI – Chili ones are!!)

In my eyes, if you are trying to go vegan. Cold Tofurkey is not the way! Understand that you have had the same diet for your entire life, and you need to tackle each thing you are used to doing, one at a time. Research the alternatives, and educate yourself on why consuming animal products is bad for the animals, the environment and your health in order to really understand the reasons why you are giving it up and to appreciate this lifestyle fully.

But that is just my opinion.

I will never stop being Vegan. For my health, my conscious, and the animals. It has been the best decision I have ever made! And I’m sure many more Vegans will tell you the same thing. And I’m glad that I transitioned the way I did.

So let me ask you… do you think think is the most effective way to transition to Veganism? And how did you transition? 

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“Always let your conscience be your guide.” -Jiminy Cricket

Rae 🌱 ❤️

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Masala Vegan

Thank you for sharing your story & following me 😀 I was never a meat eater and developed an intolerance to dairy in my teens. Studying to be a vet also helped the transition to a completely plant based diet 😊.


Of course, thank you for following back 😊 it was a slow gradual process for me, but the best experience I have ever had, and I wouldn’t go back for anything ❤️ I’m glad you like the post!