Debatable | Being Vegan Is Expensive!

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People who are not Vegan LOVE to say how expensive it is and use it as one of the many excuses for them not to go Vegan…

I’ve even hear some Vegan’s say they find it more expensive than their previous lifestyle.

In my opinion Veganism is one of the most budget friendly lifestyles out there. It is as expensive as you make it. I have found that I spend a lot less money on food now than I did before! And if you go to any supermarket, fruits, veggies, beans and even Tofu will never be more expensive than meat.

Sure if you are buying all the high quality faux meats on the market, and eating out at pricey vegan restaurants all the time.. you are going to rack up quite a monthly food bill.

Being vegan is not expensive. And if you are vegan and finding it burns a hole in your pocket, you need to re-evaluate the foods you are buying and where you are buying them from… at the end of the day it’s mostly the packaging you are paying for.

Check out my blog post on how I shop Vegan on a budget! A VEGAN SHOPPING LIST | TIPS ON WHERE & WHAT TO BUY!

Have you found Veganism Expensive? Or does the idea of it being expensive put you off?

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“Earth was created for all of us, not some of us.” -Anthony Douglas Williams

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I’ve lacto vegetarian (so I eat cheese but no egg/meat) and when I’ve lived with meat eaters and went shopping with them my shop would always cost less and yet I would get more for my money. Agreed that if you buy fancy products you may find it expensive (although probably not as much as high quality meat) or if you shop exclusively at Wholefoods, but there are so many cheap vegan/vegetarian products out there. Tinned beans i.e chickpeas, black beans, red kidney beans etc can cost on average around £0.40, and if you have some spices and rice that… Read more »

Thanks for writing about this topic. Lentils, chick peas, rice, and the usual veggies are cheaper than a meat based meal on a per nutrition basis. That still isn’t even considering your side benefits for possibly avoiding the cost of medications and other treatments that veggie based life would help avoid.

rosie leizrowice

I totally agree. It’s much cheaper. I can feed myself on £20 a week very easily.