NEW SERIES ALERT | Vegan Probz – Cheese!

vegan probz

Another new series? I know, I know I spoil you!! No but really, I am very excited to start this new series, and I am grateful that I get to share all the my weird thoughts with you guys ❤

This new segment is all about debunking “problems” vegans face whilst thriving on a plant based diet.

This week’s topic – I could never give up Cheese!  Continue reading

My Experience with Raw Till 4!

To Be Raw, or Not To Be Raw. That is the question!

It’s safe to say that at this time in my life, I feel amazing!! I feel light, energetic, I’ve lost a stone more than my original weight loss goal (I was aiming for 12st, I am almost at 11st) and more importantly I feel the healthiest I have ever felt!

And it’s all because of Raw Till 4!

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Gettin’ Thrifty | Why I Buy Second Hand Clothes!


Save Money, Recycle & Look Faaaabulous!

Now, when it comes to clothing & accessories I have always been a thrifty young lass! I remember in primary school I made my very own pencil case out of an old stuffed bear (mostly because my parents wouldn’t buy me one) But I was so proud of it, even if it was mega ugly! Continue reading

The ONLY Cheesy Vegan Pizza Recipe You need!


Vegan Cheesy Pizza for the Lazy Crew! 


 I am also quite lazy when it comes to cooking, and I also cringe at the thought of spending £15+ on one pizza. And I’m sure many of you do too!

So i’m sharing with you my favorite way to make cheesy vegan pizza, it will cost you less than £5 and you can most definitely get more than 1 pizza out of all these ingredients, and it tastes just as good if not better than one you would have purchased from a takeaway! Continue reading