The ONLY Cheesy Vegan Pizza Recipe You need!


Vegan Cheesy Pizza for the Lazy Crew! 


 I am also quite lazy when it comes to cooking, and I also cringe at the thought of spending £15+ on one pizza. And I’m sure many of you do too!

So i’m sharing with you my favorite way to make cheesy vegan pizza, it will cost you less than £5 and you can most definitely get more than 1 pizza out of all these ingredients, and it tastes just as good if not better than one you would have purchased from a takeaway!

First of all, I make pizza this way all the time. To make the dough, knead it out, wait for it to rise… is all just a little too much for me. So I prefer to use wholemeal wraps. But of course, if you prefer to make your own dough you can do so. It will still taste the same 🙂


1 pack of Violife creamy vegan cheese, 1 -1/2 tbsp per pizza

1tbsp dried basil

1 500g pack of passata (you can use any, I use one that is already flavored)

wholemeal wraps (or make your usual pizza dough)

1/4 fresh pineapple, chopped

1 handful spinach

100g mushrooms


Lay a wrap onto either some foil or baking paper (if you are using your own dough recipe I recommend blind baking the base for 10 mins) then pour some pasaata into the middle of the base and spread evenly.

Put 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of Violife cheese into a microwavable container and set for 10 seconds. Once heated stir until all lumps have gone and drizzle over base and sprinkle with dried basil.

Then add your toppings!

Anything you fancy really, I personally love pineapple on pizza but you can leave this out if you’re not feeling fruity!

Bake in the oven until base is crispy, cut up and enjoy. I love to drizzle the top with a little olive oil or Tesco Free From sour cream.

And there you have it, quick cheap easy tasty better than your average Domino’s, vegan cheesy pizza!

Try out this recipe, and let me know what you think in the comments below! and don’t forget to follow my blog, I post new lifestyle blogs every Tuesday and new Debatable’s/Eat of the Week’s every Friday!

“Being vegan is a glorious adventure. It touches every aspect of my life – my relationships, how I relate to the world”- Victoria Moran

Rae🌱 ❤️

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Had I known about this yesterday.. 😀 Thanks for sharing!