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I’m sharing a different kind of post this week.

Something has occurred to me, and it’s making think a lot about Veganism and the message we are trying to spread. 

I’m sure this doesn’t apply to all non-vegans and I guess that others feel the same when I say that I have been thrown a lot of negativity since becoming vegan.

I commented on a video this week that was uploaded by the Lad Bible. It was a video showing how social interactions would play out if meat eaters acted like vegans. I get that this was a light heated video, and the guy playing the meat eater is in fact a vegan. But the preachy vegan in me decided to leave a comment saying “Yes, but killing animals for food you do not need is not funny” Oh, was I met with a whole load of shit after that.

The kind of comments I received, were spiteful to say the least! I won’t repeat some of the names I was called but they were very nasty. Now I’m a tough girl, I can handle myself and I don’t take any offense from nasty comments by strangers. Why take offense from people who don’t even know you!

But when I got home that evening I started too really think about what had happened.

We (Vegans) are simply a group of people, who are trying to show non vegans that seeing a certain type of animal as a product is wrong. That taking billions of lives every year, force breeding and torturing animals is one of the biggest issues on the planet right now and that it is having a negative effect on everything from our health to the environment. Not to mention how barbaric the act of killing an animal for food is. It is outdated, and just straight up cruel.

There is nothing cynical about the Vegan movement. There is no hidden agenda behind Veganism. We are not attention seekers. We do not think we are better than you. 

Everything we are trying to promote is for the benefit of the environment, our health, the welfare of the animals, their rights that they so wrongly do not have and the Billions of hungry people around the world who cannot feed themselves because their crops are being fed to billions of cows so you can have a steak.

So why on earth are we shown so much hate. Why are people SO defensive when it comes to talking about things that are happening right now and they can so easily help fight against just by changing a few little things in their lifestyle.

It’s deeply saddening to see a planet filled with people who are so blind to the fact that the ‘food’ they are eating once had a family. And even if they do realise that fact, they would rather turn their head, claim ignorance and attack the people who are trying to help them open their eyes.

That is pretty much all I have to say on the matter, my thoughts on this issue are simple. We are trying to do good, and we are only seen as annoying, preachy and selfish. When in fact we are the complete opposite.

We just want to stop the unnecessary killing of animals for food/clothing/beauty/science and many other things.

I will not apologise for ranting, because it needs to be discussed. Weather you are a vegan or not, please comment below and let me know if you have ever been faced with hate just for standing up for the rights of animals, or if you are not vegan let me know how you feel about vegans and why you feel we are so scrutinized against?

I hope you all saw this as a positive post rather than a negative one, because I do not mean for it to be negative. We all about positivity on this blog <3

Much Love, Rae 🌱 ❤️

“The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites, or women for men” – Alice Walker

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Rae, I don’t think that was at all negative. I don’t understand why people have to be so nasty towards vegans. I get that they don’t care about animals, their health or the environment (well no I don’t, but they don’t care non the less). Since becoming vegan a couple of months ago, I feel like I’ve had my eyes opened for the first time and I am keen to spread the word, as it were but find that no-one really wants to hear it as it means they have to give up their precious meat. I’m ok with everyone… Read more »

Thank you Emma, for your kind comment, It truly is life changing isn’t it! There are SO many positives to becoming vegan it upsets me so much that the world wants to only make up negatives! I find it a little harder to be OK with people’s ‘choice’ to eat meat, as their choice directly affects another’s life, but I have found that positivity is the best way to deal with hate from non-vegans and educating them is the most effective way of planting the seed <3