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Save Money, Recycle & Look Faaaabulous!

Now, when it comes to clothing & accessories I have always been a thrifty young lass! I remember in primary school I made my very own pencil case out of an old stuffed bear (mostly because my parents wouldn’t buy me one) But I was so proud of it, even if it was mega ugly!

As soon as I was old enough to get a job and start buying my own clothes I was hitting up charity shops looking for the best quality clothes for the cheapest prices. I used too leave about an hour earlier than I needed too for work, and stop in town to rummage through the charity shops. The thrill of looking through the rails not knowing what treasures you will find got me addicted!

Now I live in London, where charity/vintage/thrift shops are everywhere! It’s a cheapskates heaven <3 Don’t get me wrong, I do occasionally buy the odd item of clothing from High Street stores, but I will only ever do so if there is a sale on. I think the most I have ever spent on a dress is £25 in Topshop, and I get hardly any wear out of it!

I can safely say 80% of my wardrobe has been purchased from either a charity shop, thrift shop or Ebay.

When I was younger my parents didn’t have very much money, and pretty much all of our clothing was hand-me-downs, I remember feeling embarrassed and ashamed that I didn’t have nice, new clothes like all the other kids and I was bullied pretty bad for it.

But being the kid with no money for expensive clothes made me the thrifty person I am today.

And being thrifty also has other benefits too!

I have been able to set up an online clothing store and resell key items that I find at a profit although I do not resell charity shop items at a profit… I feel a little weird about that. That doesn’t give me a ton of money, but it’s a good hobby to have and sourcing the clothes/taking images and adding them too the store takes up some free time when I am bored!

I have saved a ton of money over the years by buying items of clothing in charity shops that would have cost me 3 times the price if I had purchased them brand new! (recently bought a pair of Black trousers by Reiss from a charity shop for £6, they retail around £90!)

I give money to charity’s by buying through their stores

I lower my carbon footprint by buying second hand clothes and re selling my old ones or donating them.

Here are some cool facts about how recycling your old clothes can help lower your carbon footprint! Source:


So don’t feel ashamed about buying second hand clothes, there is no negative to it, you can get some really awesome stuff for a fraction of the cost! I think soon I will do a post about where the best charity shops are and tips on how too pick out the best items!

And if you are at school/college and people make fun of you for not having the nicest or most expensive clothes. Just remember that your clothes have no effect on who you are as a person. And it does get better <3

What has been the best bargain you have found in a charity shop? Let me know and don’t forget to follow my blog, I post new lifestyle blogs every Tuesday and new Debatable’s/Eat of the Week’s every Friday

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