Debatable | Italy to JAIL VEGAN Parents!

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If you have been reading the news lately you may have seen a little article floating around about Italy trying to pass a lovely new law.

I say Italy, I mean this human who happens to be Elvira Savino, the Public Relations Officer for the People of Freedom – Forza, Italy….



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 I have read a couple of articles about this in the past week, and when I first saw it I was ready to blow my pineapple top! “How on earth is this even being discussed”, I thought to myself.

The vegan lifestyle has been proven countless times to be one of the healthiest and most sustainable lifestyles on the planet! So what gives these people any right to JAIL parents who wish to bring their children up in such a way?

Why are they not talking about the possibility of imprisoning parents who shove Mc Donald’s down their kid’s throats from the moment they can take solid foods!

After reading into it a little more, It seems the main concern for these people is that kids are being malnourished, and that parents who wish to raise their children vegan do not have the right amount of knowledge on nutrition to be able to do so.

But this is where I go back to my first argument. Why does it make it OK to feed kids meat and dairy, foods that have been proven to cause diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes along with a whole host of other health problems; but if a parent wants to raise their children on a plant based diet, it makes them criminal…


The way to deal with parents not knowing how to raise vegan children is to EDUCATE THEM. Not make them feel like criminals by taking their babies away and locking them up. We do that to enough cows already! 

I feel that this move from Elvira is a direct reaction to the recent news of the Mayor Chiara Appendino trying to turn Turin into Italy’s first all vegetarian/vegan city. 

Honestly, it feels to me like they are scared of how that change might impact the rest of Italy. I get that they will be worried about children not getting the nutrients they need, but it just feels like they have made a quick judgement about the lifestyle without actually doing any research!

I wanted to speak about this in this week’s Debatable because on one hand I can understand why they are trying to impose this law but then it seems completely unnecessary to just target vegan parents. Why not target ALL parents, I’m pretty sure those vegan kids will be A LOT healthier than the ones being brought up on animal products!

Leave me know your thoughts and if you are from Italy, how are people there reacting too this new proposed law? Let me know and don’t forget to follow my blog, I post new lifestyle blogs every Tuesday and new Debatable’s/Eat of the Week’s every Friday

Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.
—George Gordon Noel Byron (Lord Byron)

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