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Another new series? I know, I know I spoil you!! No but really, I am very excited to start this new series, and I am grateful that I get to share all the my weird thoughts with you guys ❤

This new segment is all about debunking “problems” vegans face whilst thriving on a plant based diet.

This week’s topic – I could never give up Cheese! 

Cheese seems to be edible gold to most omni’s. It is the ultimate decider for whether someone will try veganism or not. And whenever I tell people I’m vegan one of the first things I hear is “I could go vegan but I don’t want to give up cheese”

What those omni’s don’t seem to realise is VEGANS HAVE CHEESE! Just look at all this cheese! And this isn’t even the half of it!


 But in all seriousness, I understand that cow cheese seems hard to give up at first. I used to absolutely love the stuff; on beans, on toast, on potatoes, on chips and well on pretty much everything. But when you stop eating it, and replace it for plant based cheeses I PROMISE you will not miss it!

Animal Cheese is a cruel, nasty food. Dairy cows have to be forcibly impregnated to be able to produce milk, and baby calves are seen as a waste material in the dairy industry. Imagine that! You have been forcibly impregnated by your captor then when you give birth your baby is stolen from you then either killed and thrown in the bin or killed and its body is used as something called Veal. And this happens over and over again until the dairy cow can no longer produce milk then she is taken away and killed for beef.

That is the cruel reality of cheese, and I still can’t get my head around the fact that people are more interested in opting for the cheese that causes so much pain, and upset to a poor innocent animal over the HUGE variety of dairy free, cruelty free cheeses that are on the market.

No they do not taste exactly the same as cow or goat cheese, but they are extremely similar. And with veganism becoming more and more popular supply and demand has gone up! The quality and variety of vegan cheeses are constantly improving and there really is no excuse to at least try it!

I wont get into the health benefits of giving up dairy right now because the list is just far too long, and if you do a simple google search you will find endless articles on the horrid effects dairy has on your body.

 But here are some links to websites you can check out that will give you an idea on why vegans do not consume dairy for ethical reasons, this is the reason I have continued to not buy dairy products. And if you think you could handle it, I recommend checking out either Cowspiricy (Netflix) or Earthlings (YouTube)

Here is a challenge for you! 

If you are not a vegan, and are still consuming dairy products I want to challenge you to go dairy free for 2 whole weeks.

Use up any dairy products you have in your home, and buy a supply of vegan cheeses and milks. Try it out for 2 weeks, and come back here and let me know how you feel?

Some cheeses I suggest are

Violife Tesco or H&B about £2 for 250g- the block or sliced kind for sandwiches & toasties

Violife Tesco or H&B about £2 for 250g- The cream cheese kind, melt and use on pizza, potatoes, pasta or spread on toast

Sheese H&B about £3 fro 300g- Also a spread

Vegusto – I haven’t tried them but I hear great things! 

So get your nut cheese on and let me know how you did! and don’t forget to follow my blog, I post every Tuesday & Friday

“Animals are not products. Life doesn’t have a price.” -Anonymous

Rae 🌱 ❤️

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