Here’s Why You Should At Least Try To Go Vegan


Whether you are Veggie, Pesce, Omni or Lion read through these simple quick points I am making, and try to understand why vegans do what we do.

I like to keep my blog a positive, fun loving place where people who are thinking about veganism or even people who have been vegan for a while can come and listen to my experience with the lifestyle change, and hopefully find some inspiration and motivation to take the plunge

But sometimes you just have to be straight and say it how it is


Society Makes It Seem Worse Than It Is

I understand that society tells you that vegans are the spawn of Satan and we are all part of one massive evil cult.

But we are not, we are simply a bunch of people who do not agree with the exploitation of animals in any form and want other people to open their eyes too. Yes, we get criticism from family and friends and yes you may notice some people in your life act completely different around you once you do go vegan. But if those people are willing to treat you differently based on your current views on eating animals….they probably aren’t people you need in your life anyway.

Eating out at restaurants is the same, social situations are the same. The only thing that has changed is what you consume/purchase during those situations.

Animal Milk Contains Pus

Yep, you read that correctly. The government allows up to 400 million pus cells per litre of milk in the UK, and that’s pretty disgusting.

Don’t believe me – Click here 

And according to METRO in the UK we each drink on average 82 litres of the stuff every year… That’s 32.8 BILLION pus cells you are drinking every year!! 

Maybe head for the almond milk next time you are shopping.

 If You Wouldn’t Kill It. You Shouldn’t Eat It

 Would you go into a field of cows, tackle one and slice it’s throat open so you can dismember it’s body and cook it up? Could you kill a baby goat and eat it’s leg?

Are you comfortable watching the life leave that animal’s eyes even though there is a MASS amount of plant based foods you could be cutting up instead?… No. Then you shouldn’t be paying someone else too.

An Animal’s Freedom Is More Important Than Food Your Body Does Not Need

These animals have families, they have emotions. When they are bred for slaughter they are bred for your consumption. They are bred to die. They deserve freedom, they deserve rights and protection. The same rights and protection that we give to “pets”

Your Body Does Not Need Or Want Animal Products

As humans, our natural diet is Herbivore. So when we consume animal bi-products they have negative effects on our bodies, causing us to put on weight, be prone to diseases and  even effect your mental state (depression & anxiety)

Check out this article from PETA

ALL Animals Feel Pain

I know people like to think that the process of an animal being killed is quick and painless. But reality is, it’s not.

Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Lambs, Goats, Chickens, Chicks, Ducks they all feel pain and fear at their time of death.

Check out this Article from Viva

Your Health Will Improve… DRASTICALLY

You don’t need me to ramble on about this one, everyone knows that the vegan diet is the healthiest diet on the planet. It has benefited millions of people, it has benefited me and will benefit anyone that adopts it.

Check out this article from The Vegan Society 

There Is No Such Thing As “Humane” Slaughter

‘Humane Slaughter’ is a term coined by corporations so they can trick the average person into thinking that nothing horrific happens to these animals when they are killed. They make you think it’s as simple as a painless stun gun to the forehead and they drift off into a peaceful sleep.

There is NOTHING humane about slaughtering an animal. Free From Harm explains why

“To examine if something is humane, first determine if you would like it done to you” – Andrea Kladar

If Companies Were Selling Dog Or Cat Meat/Milk There Would Be Uproar And That Isn’t Right!

 Why is it universally acceptable to love one type of animal and kill/eat/milk/torture another?

It’s not right that dogs and cats are protected, nurtured, loved and even have their own set of rights and other animals do not.

Imagine if you saw a bottle of milk in the chiller section at Tesco that said “Fresh Skimmed Dog Milk” on it… You would be grossed out an angry right?

So why is it OK to do that to a cow or a goat. The same goes for meat

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“Do the best until you know better then when you know better, Do better.

– Maya Angelou

Rae 🌱 ❤️

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