I often hear the argument that vegans don’t care about humans. The discussion seems to pop up an awful lot

I’ve said it before and I will say it again; There are human rights activists, and there are animal activists. You can be both, you can be one or the other. Just because someone cares about the welfare of animals, does not mean they do not care about the welfare of humans. Veganism impacts more than just the animals on the planet. It positively impacts the ENTIRE planet, including it’s people.

There are A LOT of different human rights movements on the planet, and every single one of them deserves attention and exposure! But so do animal rights. A lot of people would disagree and say that an animal’s life is not as valuable as a humans, but that is what makes those people different to vegans. We (or at least I do) believe that ANY animal’s life is JUST as valuable as a humans.

Now, I have seen people respond to this with a crazy comebacks like; “So if you had to choose between a pig or a family member to be killed who would you choose?”

Why do people feel the need to create unrealistic situations in order to justify themselves?

I get that people feel like vegans just disregard different humanitarian issues, but this seems to be because vegans are SO passionate about the movement and giving animals the rights they deserve.

Animal exploitation is everywhere.

You go into a supermarket and there are aisles upon aisles of dead animal flesh, stolen chicken eggs and milk/cheese that has come from an animal that has been locked up and forcefully impregnated for its entire life.

A typical day trip with the kids for the majority of families consists of visiting animal prisons (or zoo’s/aquariums)

Their skin and fur is worn on our bodies as a statement of fashion and wealth

They are captured, tortured and imprisoned in the name of ‘research’

Every single damn restaurant you go into is turning a profit from their dismembered bodies

It is forced upon us as every day life and we are just supposed to accept it!

On top of that, we are seen as selfish and unkind to humans and their needs. What people do not realise is that if the entire world went vegan an awful lot of humanitarian issues would be resolved.

Here are some links to articles on how veganism can help people –

And let me make this clear, in No way shape or form am I saying that animal rights deserve more exposure than other issues. They are all equally deserving!

But personally I am going to focus on the animals. Along with starving humans, people being killed because of their colour/religion/sexuality/gender, kidnapping & terrorism; these animals NEED help too! they need someone to stand up for them, they cannot speak they cannot rebel. They do not have that option!

To the rest of the world, they are objects of our greed and entertainment.

To vegans they are just as important as the person sitting next to you.

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(I already posted this quote, but it seems extremely relevant to this article) “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man” -Ghandi

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