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One of the most difficult things about becoming vegan is realizing sh**

In the words of Kylie Jenner – “2016 is the year of just realizing stuff” and here is some stuff that I have realized…

We take cows from their mothers and feed them artificial cows milk, and use the milk that was meant for the baby cow to sell to billions of human beings who are not naturally supposed to drink it.

Then we take the cow, kill it and feed it to more people who do not need it to survive.

We take crops from the poor and use it to feed the animals that feed the humans who do not need it

We take trees from the forest to make way for more land to farm the animals to feed the humans who do not need it. And we start campaigns to “save the rain forest” and “stop deforestation” but never explain the real reason it is disappearing in the first place

We pollute the water of 3rd world countries with the waste of the factories producing the animal products for the rest of the world who can live without it. Then we start more campaigns to try and give clean water to those 3rd world countries who are dying from polluted water

We take wild animals from their homes and put them in artificial homes for “educational purposes” Then we raise money to protect those animals who are now going extinct.All the while those animals are stuck in the equivalent of a bedroom for the rest of their life while big companies make millions of profit off of these zoos and aquariums which are not needed to educate anyone.

We destroy the habitat of the wild animals to make way for more land to raise bred to be killed animals. Then we start campaigns to save the animals that are being killed by the companies taking the land to feed the animals to feed the humans who do not need it

We take the meat from the animals that we damage the earth by farming in the billions, and use their meat to feed people who do not need it. Then when the people who eat the meat become sick with disease they go to the hospital who spends billions every year on trying to keep the country healthy. Then that same country bombards people with advertisements on meat, fast food and dairy claiming that it’s good for you and you need it to survive.

The majority of the worlds Humanitarian, Animal and Environmental issues all seem to have one thing in common.

The Animal Agriculture Industry.

And right about now, Veganism seems to be the only lifestyle that causes the planet, the people and it’s animals the least amount of harm possible. And if more people become willing to open their eyes to veganism and at least give it a go, we may just see some incredible positive changes not only in ourselves but in everything around us.

If you are not vegan already or even trying, give my Go Vegan in a Day Challenge a go

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Violence begins with the fork. ~ Mohandas Gandhi





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