Pro’s and Con’s of Being Vegan

Switching to a Vegan lifestyle is life changing. But there are pro’s and con’s to everything we do, even veganism.

Here are mine

I know we all need a little encouraging at times, and when I was thinking about becoming Vegan the internet became my best friend! Sometimes you need to see the positive and negative sides of something, layed out in front of you in black and white before you can even think about making that life changing decision.

When I was literally searching “reasons to be vegan” or “being vegan” on Google, I would only be shown positives of the vegan lifestyle, and this is Amazing! We want people to hear the positives at the end of the day. But I’m not going to lie to you, there are a few negatives, but they are not what you would think!

I’m going to tell you my Pro’s and Con’s of being vegan, this is completely honest. And I really hope it will help you in your journey to Vegansim.

I believe that everyone should start a journey to becoming vegan, the planet cannot sustain the current lifestyle. So for  future generations, we have no choice but to make a start NOW! 


By being vegan, you save on average 200 animals a year! (according to PETA and other sources) That’s a whole lot of little souls over the course of a lifetime!

You will feel the healthiest you ever have! Once you have adapted fully to this lifestyle your whole attitude towards your health changes, and you will really feel some amazing benefits!

Food becomes Fun! Sometimes i’m lazy and can’t be bothered to cook. But even when I can’t be bothered to cook, I still enjoy preparing and cooking my food. I enjoy it now more than I ever did. I am always on the lookout for new recipes and trying weird combinations, the added benefit of knowing what you are putting into your body is only doing it food makes every meal satisfying and exciting.

If you can’t cook, your skills will improve by default! I never considered myself good at cooking before going vegan, mostly because i’m lazy and had the pre-conceived idea that making anything worthwhile would cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. When I first went vegan I basically lived on frozen veg, pasta and Linda McCartney sausages. I would cook the odd sweet potato but that was about as far as my imagination would stretch.

After a while you get pretty bored with eating frozen and processed foods, and once my body had “detoxed” from all the meat and dairy I used to eat, I started to crave fresh whole foods. Over time, researching recipes and cooking just got easier and more fun!

Food shopping will be cheaper! Fruits, veggies, beans, legumes are all MUCH cheaper than meat and dairy. Even if you fill your trolley with all these things and a couple of vegan mock meats/cheeses, your shopping will STILL be less than if you were to buy a ton of meat and other animal products.

Positive impact on those around you! Since going vegan I have noticed significant changes in the people around me. Mostly when it comes to their diets and what products they choose to buy. My boyfriend has gone from a full blown meat addict and having meat/eggs with almost every meal to only having it  every once in a while. Same goes for my sister, she has cut down on meat and dairy drastically and I have high hopes for her one day joining the vegan squad!

Loosing weight and effortlessly keeping it off! I have lost 3 stone since becoming vegan last November. I feel lighter, more energized and more importantly I have had NO problems keeping the weight off. I feel so healthy that even if on the occasion I do feel like I have binged on vegan junk food, I still don’t feel like I have to work really hard to work it off again. I LOVE IT! Check out my post on it – MY HEALTH JOURNEY | HOW I LOST 3 STONE (42LBS) AND KEPT IT OFF!


 The realization of what animals go through is very depressing

This took me a while to overcome, I watched a lot of eye opening videos on slaughter houses and fur farms, dairy farms and fishing boats in my early days, every day I felt useless! I couldn’t get out of my head the images of those poor dogs lying in a barrel with their skin completely ripped from their bodies… still alive. Or the Pigs squeezed into tiny  cages starving and unable to move while their piglets are castrated and teeth ripped out without any anesthetic… with just a pair of pliers.

I got down for a while, and even though I was fully vegan I couldn’t shake the feeling that what I was doing wasn’t enough… And maybe it wasn’t at the time, but now I have started this blog and seen the influence being vegan has had on other people and how they are also making changes, I no longer feel that way.

And you shouldn’t let that be a reason to put you off veganism, I am extremely happy that I saw those videos, they pushed me to turn my whole lifestyle on its head for the better.

I will never go back I will always be vegan, my children will be vegan and I am extremely grateful for the knowledge I have now and that I can pass it onto them to allow them to grow into compassionate, healthy loving people.

It is our responsibility as Humans to help these animals, educate and spread awareness of what they go through. We need to teach our children, friends and family to see an animal the same way they see their friend, sibling or parent. With respect and Love. Without that, this planet is nothing but slaughter, torture and profit.

And we need to remember that as long as we are doing all that we can to cut down and cut out animal products from our lives, we should focus on the positive rather than reminding ourselves of their suffering by re-watching these videos. It does nothing for your mental health

Other People

This is another con that should not put you off going vegan, when I went vegan a lot of people did make comments on it and question whether or not it was a good decision.

I have heard horror stories of people’s friends/family acting differently towards people just because they switch to a vegan lifestyle, which sucks… but they will come round 🙂



I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me via Facebook – RaeLikesFroot Vegan Blogger 


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“It is much easier to show compassion to animals. They are never wicked.” -Haile Selassie


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Great points. Thank you for sharing!