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I used to think that people would tell a vegan plants have feelings just to wind them up…

Seems I was wrong

Some human beings of planet Earth actually try to force the argument that plants “have feelings too” whenever they meet a vegan.

It’s like, as soon as you tell them you only eat plants.. they try to take that away from you by telling you that the carrot you just shoved in your mouth once had a family.

I recently joined a vegan Facebook Group where people (about 20k to be exact) discuss Veganism, share recipes, events and get much needed advice. It’s an amazing page that is very helpful for new vegans, It’s also a great resource for my blog post ideas. More and more I see posts popping up about how my fellow vegans have had to fight off people claiming that their beautiful fresh plant based foods are actually not vegan.

And what’s worse… they are deadly serious about it.

Here is an example…


What I don’t understand is why the sudden compassion for all living things?

I’m not having a go at people who do claim that plants have feelings, if you truly believe that, then whatever floats your boat.

But where are the facts? I have looked and I can’t find any. It seems like people just make stuff up, exaggerate it and turn it into an argument that they can use to fight a worthy cause that they do not wish to ever become a part of…. that’s just my theory though 🙂

There are studies that prove that plants generate electrical impulses that act the same way as nerve cells do in animals,  this is so they can sense out the world around them in order to grow and survive in their environments, but every single living organism on the planet has this ability. So to say that plants can think and feel the same way as animals do is a little far fetched. Animals bleed, they show physical emotion in times of distress or happiness, they communicate through sounds and movement, they think and feel pain.

I dunno about you but I’ve never seen a lettuce run away from me when I’m about to rip it open for my salad.

Check out this piece of text taken from Scientific American –

“A big mistake people make is speaking as if plants ‘know’ what they’re doing,” says Elizabeth Van Volkenburgh, a botanist at the University of Washington. “Biology teachers, researchers, students and lay people all make the same mistake. I’d much rather say a plant senses and responds, rather than the plant ‘knows.’ Using words like ‘intelligence’ or ‘think’ for plants is just wrong. Sometimes it’s fun to do, it’s a little provocative. But it’s just wrong. It’s easy to make the mistake of taking a word from another field and applying it to a plant.”

You can read the whole article here

At the end of the day, the only thing that keeps popping into my head is why all the caring all of a sudden. People who are happy to go and fund industries that breed and slaughter billions of Sentient beings every year, suddenly turn into plant activists when they meet a vegan.

It’s wrong on so many levels to eat another living animal. It’s bad for the animals, it’s bad for our health and it’s bad for the environment. So if we can’t eat plants… what on earth will people live on.


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“Cows scream louder than carrots.”

―  Alan Watts

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