Vegan & Cruelty Free Superdrug Shopping List on a Budget


Here is one for you Vegan Newbies <3

I’m blessing all of your wonderful eyes with a Vegan & Cruelty Free Superdrug Shopping List on a budget (that was a mouthful) Here we gooo!

Ok so if you didn’t already know Superdrug is like, a Vegan’s mecca when it comes to toiletries, skincare and pretty much everything else that goes in ya bathroom! Not only are their products amazing quality and affordable, but all of Superdrug’s own brand range is Cruelty Free (YAY) and the majority of their range is Vegan too! (thank you lord)

Honestly, I would be lost without Superdrug and I believe that anyone else transitioning to a more compassionate lifestyle would be too. So here is something that I wish I had when I was going vegan.

An easy to follow Superdrug shopping list. Everything here is Vegan, Cruelty Free and kind to your bank balance <3

(these are my recommendations) 


Pro V Volume Shampoo & Conditioner £2.29 each | They give amazing volume and softness to your hair and are always on offer!

Hydrate & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner with Coconut Water £2.59 each | I got a free sample of these and used them on holiday and they smell AMAZING! and left my hair SO SO soft and shiny! (also always on offer)


Hairspray Extra Firm Hold £1.79 |  This is my go to hairspray and the only firmness I use. It doesn’t leave your hair stiff but will keep your curls in place all night. They also stock mousse!



Naturals Cherry & Macadamia Body Scrub £4.99 but usually on offer for £2.45 | I know what you’re thinking! “Rae, this is for your body! not your face!” hear me out. I’m cheap, so I like to get a lot of product for my money, and I also don’t want to pollute the ocean with little plastic beads in my face wash. So when I needed a new face scrub and saw this big ol’ tub on offer for £2.45 in Superdrug I grabbed it and thought I would give it a go. I have been using on my face morning and night for 4 days now and my face is SO soft! my black heads are clearing and my skin is glowing. So I love it. The apricot kernels are not too rough on your face and you only need the tiniest amount to get full coverage. Plus it leaves your face smelling like cherries, and who doesn’t want that! 


Simply Pure Refreshing Toner £2.69 | I have very sensitive skin and this means that some toners irritate my face quite badly, but this seems to be the only one that doesn’t. 1 bottle lasts me about 3 months and it works wonders on your pores! 


Vitamin E All Over Body Cream £2.99 | Rae, again with the body stuff on the face! I know, but I like to get the most I can for the least amount of money and who says you can’t use this on your face! In fact, it’s the only moisturizer I have tried that doesn’t make my skin oily or spotty! So… winner winner vegan dinner, I say <3  (you can also use it on the rest of you) 


My Little Star Fragrance Free Wipes 79p | Not the most environmentally friendly thing in the world, but these wipes are cheap and great for sensitive skin! (also come in travel size) 


Mix & Fizz Cocktail Lip Balm Duo £2.50 | When I realised that my current lip balm may not be Vegan or even cruelty free I was like.. I needs me a new one! And you know me, I love a bargain. So when I saw this little Cruelty Free & Vegan duo was only £2.50 I grabbed it! (Superdrug, where would us vegans on a budget be without you!) But this lip balm is great! the Bellini one gives your lips a slight tint and the Pina Colada one stinks of pineapple and coconut! lovely jubbly <3


Superdrug Pro Care Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste 99p | Would you say that toothpaste belonged in this section? I’m not sure, your mouth is in your face… so that was my logic. Anyway, this toothpaste is AWESOME, it has protection for your sensitive teeth, whitening action, it’s cruelty free it’s vegan it’s only 99p. It’s Magic really <3



Vitamin E All Over Body Cream £2.99 | This is my jam when it comes to body cream! It’s the only cream I have found that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, isn’t oily and is cheap whilst keeping my skin baby soft! (cringe)

Fruity shower gel/creme range 99p | They have A LOT of different scents here, but my personal faves are the Shea butter & Bamboo and Daiquiri! They also have dragon fruit and vanilla, coconut and white peach. The list goes on and on but they are basically a cheaper version of the Original Source shower gels.


Superdrug Sensitive Less White Residue Deodorant £1.79 | Not much to say about this. It’s a good deo… makes you not smell bad 😀


 Hand Cream 2 In 1 £1.99 | Got dry hands? flaky nails? (ew) this may be the cream for you! I swear this post is not sponsored by Superdrug…


Nail Polish Remover Acetone Free £1.39 | Again, my logic with this was that your nails are attached to your hands and your hands are attached to your body… hence this being in the body section 🙂 This nail polish remover doesn’t dry out my nails, doesn’t stink out my flat and it’s cheap. It’s a win win win for me <3

Aaaand that’s it! I know there is WAY more stuff in Superdrug! but these are just a few essential things that you may want to pick up when you are next there! The aim of this post is to provide an easy base shopping list for people who wish to be more compassionate when it comes to their beauty products.

So now let’s briefly address the elephant in the blog post. I know I have been away for the past month! I haven’t been posting. Truth is my life has been getting a little hectic recently and I haven’t had time to post! But my brain has been working non stop thinking of all different kinds of blog posts I can do! So expect to see a lot more of me in the near future <3 I’m sorry for neglecting you, plant based pals… we cool?



“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.”

Joaquin Phoenix

I hope enjoyed reading this post, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me via Facebook – RaeLikesFroot Vegan Blogger 

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This post is gold!! Thank you so much for compiling this list, lush has been the only brand I’ve using for awhile cause they’re the only one I could easily be sure is vegan but they also easily bankrupt me ;P


Thank you! 😘 Glad you found it useful!

vegan angle

Superdrug regularly have special offers on shower gel. I’ve also bought their own-brand shaving balm there which is vegan and good.