Christmas Gifts For Vegan Chicks


Got a plant based Gal to buy for this Christmas?

Not sure what to gift them? Look no further dear friends…. 

 Basically this is one big list of everything I would love to receive for Xmas, but you can use this to guide you to gift giving bliss when it comes to panic shopping this year!

This list is split into to four categories, Stocking, Something Small, Something Large & Big Spender.

Hopefully you get some awesome gift ideas from this post <3


Spiralizer – You can get these in most supermarkets, they are small, cheap and VERY handy!

LUSH –  solid perfume, hand oil or any of their other bath/body products (look out for the vegan symbol)

Vegan & CF toiletries – If they are new to veganism they will especially love this one. Do a bit of research and fill up a cute toiletry bag with some CF & Vegan items that will be useful for them. (Skinny Dip to some funky bags!)

Food – No, I don’t mean shove a bag of spinach in their stocking. We don’t just live off leaves ya know! I mean go grab some vegan essential food items like: Nutritional Yeast, Vegan chocolate, Some quality vegan cheeses, Vegenaise, Vego bars etc and make a little shopping bag up!

Something Small

LUSH  – Everything in LUSH is CF and majority of it Vegan, you just need to look out for the vegan logo. Their bath bombs are amazing and they have a variety of small gift ideas!

Pacifica Perfume – Wholefoods or online.

Ted Baker – Boots or online | Ted baker cosmetics are Cruelty Free and vegan apart from the hair wax. Check it out here 

Eden Perfumes – There is a physical shop in Brighton or you can find them online. They produce Vegan and Cruelty free ethical perfumes that mimic name brands like Diesel, Alien, Paul Smith etc.

Vegan Subscription boxesVegan Town, VeganTuck Box, The Vegan Kind, The Goodness Project | My boyfriend actually got me a one-off subscription box from Vegan Town when I first went vegan, just as a gift and it was AMAZING! It came with so much stuff and a lot of the treats were things you wouldn’t find in shops, like Vegan wagon wheels 😀

Clothing & Accessories – Every vegan needs a slogan Tee, a slogan mug and a slogan tote bag! Here are some awesome places you can get them – Robin Le Riche (Robin also has a blog go check him out here), Ethics and Antics, All Glamour No Guts, Viva La Vegan & Sea Shepherd 

Something Larger

Mat & Nat handbags/purses/shoes – I am the proud owner of 2 Mat & Nat backpacks. They are a completely vegan bag and shoe company who make their products from recycled plastic bottles and quality vegan leather!

Vegan Dr Martens –  They don’t have the most extensive range of vegan shoes, but if they are into their Dr Martens, this will be a perfect gift!

Nutribullet – I have the Pro 900 series and this is the best blender I have ever used! it comes with a TON of different bottles and lids, blends frozen fruit like a dream, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t take up too much space! I use mine daily and consider a good blender as an essential for anyone who is vegan!

LUSH spa day – Yes, LUSH have a spa and it’s in Chelsea! So why not treat her (and yourself) to a range of treatments!

Vegan cookery class – When it comes to vegan experience days, cookery classes are about all the world has to offer. But if she is new to veganism, and you are too or even if you aren’t and you are just interested in the lifestyle then this could be a good way for you both to learn some new cooking skills!

Big Spender

Vitamix –  The ultimate blender! This thing is POWERFUL, I watched a demo of it at Selfridges last month and was fully immersed in all of it’s blending glory! It can also make hot soup and rice flour.. It’s insane!

Stella Mc Cartney – If you haven’t heard of her, she is a designer and the daughter or Paul and Linda Mc Cartney, she is also vegan. Her range isn’t for the budget friendly but her items are BEAUTIFUL! However, I recently saw a wool coat on her site which made me a little confused since she is known for having a vegan brand, so just be wary of that when purchasing and make sure you always check the materials in the description.

A Day at an Animal Sanctuary  – You could plan a secret trip and take her to an animal sanctuary and visit some beautiful animals who have been rescued from slaughter, zoo’s and circuses. Click the link to view a list of animal sanctuaries in Europe! Make a short trip out of it!


“To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being. I should be unwilling to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body.” –  Mahatma Gandhi

I hope enjoyed reading this post, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me via Facebook – RaeLikesFroot Vegan Blogger 

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