Why Cows Are The Most Abused Animal In The Industry


Just like Dogs, Cows are cute, loving, kind and playful.

But are you aware of how abused, used and under appreciated they are?

Everybody who has done their research is aware of how cows play a massive part in most animal products and by-products in our modern day world.

Everything from their skin to their secretions right down to their hooves are taken from the animal and sold to be used in food, clothing and medicine.

And sure, you could say this about every species of animal that unfortunately has been given the death sentence before they are even born, but I can’t help but feel like the dairy cow has it the worst.

Humans take literally everything from cows, they take their skin for leather, their hooves for keratin, their muscles for meat, their breast milk for humans to drink and even take their babies.

In case you are not aware a cow is similar to a human in the fact that in order to produce breast milk (the milk people buy and drink / turn into cheese) they need to be pregnant. Cow’s are pregnant for a total of 9 months and evidence shows that they have the same powerful bond with their calves that humans do with their babies.

See this article written by PETA


However, if the dairy industry let the calf drink the mothers milk… how would they extract the milk that they are going to sell?

Simple, they have to take the baby away. No, not for a short period of time. Forever

Bull calves are taken and killed for veal or raised for breeding purposes and female calves are raised as dairy cows.

Imagine giving birth in the hospital, then someone taking your baby away and either killing it or holding it hostage to be raised as a living milk factory while you are kept in the hospital being forcefully inpregnated by a human arm or metal rod filled with sperm over and over and over again.

This process has to happen in order for a cow to give milk 

Once the dairy cow has been used and abused to the point where she can no longer give milk, when her body is useless, she is sent to a slaughter house.

Here she will be brutally killed, dismembered and sold off as “meat”

The life of a dairy cow is a living hell – it is not only in-humane in the sense that the conditions they are kept in are terrible, it is in-humane in the sense that the stealing and killing of an animal by definition is anything BUT humane all of which are standard practice in the dairy industry.


How can you avoid contributing to this?

Simple, stop buying dairy products

 When you purchase a product made from or containing dairy, you are creating demand for it

More demand = more animals being bred, abused and killed

Less demand = less animals being bred, abused and killed

It’s now easier than ever to switch your regular animal products to cruelty free plant based ones. Dairy free cheese, plant milk, and other animal free foods are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of veganism in the UK.

Tesco & Sainsbury’s have their own brand of dairy free cheese’s as well as stocking the standard Violife. Asda and Morrisons also stock violife cheese.

You can find plant milk in every single large supermarket in the UK, it’s become as common as bread.

Yes you may pay a little more for these products, but you are paying for a product that is cruelty free, environmentally friendly and good for you.


“The most ethical diet just so happens to be the most environmentally sound diet and just so happens to be the healthiest.”

― Dr. Michael Greger

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