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I seem to be experiencing an unexpected side effects from donating most of my clothes! 

Welcome, All to the 3rd episode of my Minimalism journey

  If you have been following these posts then you would have read about me donating 8 trash bags full of clothing to TRAID a few weeks ago and the liberating euphoria I have been experiencing ever since.

It was like free therapy! As if I was putting all my stresses with fashion and clutter into 8 ugly looking black sacks and happily handing them over to the kind TRAID collector at the entrance to my apartment building while he silently judged my clothing addiction.

Who knew simply getting rid of a bunch of clothes could make a person feel so good!

In case you missed said post, you can check it out by pressing here… you know you want too! 

I have always had a nasty habit of aiming to posses every single item of beautiful clothing I find, I used to fuel my adrenaline by spending every weekend looking for bargains at the East End Thrift store in Whitechapel and a variety of charity shops & clothes markets hunting for the best vintage/retro pieces just to add to my massive collection.

And I’m not exaggerating when I say that every weekend was spent clothes hunting & money spending… It would be all I could think about when Friday rolled around.

“What shall I do this weekend…. oh, I know! I’ll head to the thrift store for opening at 11am so I can get first pick, then I’ll pop down to Pimlico in the afternoon and hit up every charity shop known to man and top it all off with a trip to Westfield where I’m 100% sure Zara will have a sale on!” 

This would happen most weekends, I don’t even want to think about how much money I was spending each month on clothes! My boyfriend and I now detest Oxford Street purely because we have been there so many times during our time living in London, that we just cannot stand it anymore! I’d go as far as saying that it is my least favorite area of London.

I’m not saying that clothes shopping is the bad or that you should feel ashamed if you do like to spend all of your hard earned cash on clothes, in fact.. I feel you! I’m just saying that for me it felt like I was constantly trying to fill some void with clothes that I thought were going to make me look slimmer, more attractive and more fashionable.

In the end I simply got tired of buying and hoarding clothes that I didn’t need and barely wore. I was finding it impossible to save money because I felt the constant need to purchase more! (ohh a rhyme)

But, I’m useless when it comes to sorting out my personal issues. So I just let it carry on…

That was until I donated pretty much 90% of the clothing I own to charity. It felt like SUCH a weight off my shoulders and it has given me a new perspective on clothes shopping. Since getting rid of the clothes I haven’t felt any massive urge to go on my weekly shopping spree’s. I have bought the occasional crop top here and there, but that’s seriously nothing compared to how much I used to buy.

I’m no expert when it comes to minimalism, in fact I’m very new to it. But I am feeling the benefits of this lifestyle a lot quicker than I thought I would!


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

-Leonardo da Vinci

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