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Do you mind heading to the pre-packaged dead animals to get your cruelty free alternative?

If you are someone who likes to keep on top of all the latest Vegan news, then you have probably read this recent article from the Guardian explaining an exciting new upcoming project within large UK supermarkets.

Judith Batchelar who is the Director of Brand at Sainsbury’s (one of the largest supermarkets here in the UK) explains in the article that they will be the first supermarket to work with Scientists from the Oxford University trialing a new initiative which aims to lower the consumption of meat nationwide for the sake of our environment and health.

How, you ask?

Simple, they want to get rid of dedicated aisles for meat and dairy free products and stick the plant based substitutes next to their not so cruelty free counter-parts.

The idea is that consumers will be exposed to the healthier, more environmentally friendly & affordable plant based alternatives to their meat and dairy favourites.

In the article Robin McKie of the Guardian explains how they plan to introduce a new loyalty scheme that will reward customers when they purchase meat free alternatives and reminds those customers who do still continue to purchase meat that they could have saved money if they chose the healthier, more environmentally friendly meat free option!

“One move has been to make online offers in which customers who have just bought certain products are offered the chance to buy a healthier, more planet-friendly alternative” – Robin McKie, The Guardian

Being someone who is active in the online vegan community, I have seen a lot of Facebook and Twitter posts arguing for and against the new scheme.

So being be the good little vegan blogger that I am I wanted to put my 2 cents into this…

Understandably vegans & veggies do benefit from a dedicated aisle or section in the supermarket, where they don’t have to pass by hundreds of dead animals that have been neatly packaged and priced to get their delicious meat free substitutes and I can’t help but feel like this is something that hasn’t really been considered by the lovely people down at Oxford University & Sainsbury’s.

I realise it sounds like SUCH a 1st world, “get off your high horse” “damn those pesky vegans” type of problem, to be moaning about the positioning of the vegan food in the supermarket.

But I totally get it. I haven’t eaten meat and dairy for quite long period of time, the smell and even sight of animal meat is very repulsive to me.

I see it as a dead body, not a food type.

Living with my non-vegan boyfriend means that we do our food shopping together and I occasionally find myself down the meat aisle with him. It may sound silly but I do find it disturbing being in that section of the store, it makes me feel VERY uncomfortable and the smell of raw meat makes me want to cry.

So I usually head off to the free from section at this point to bask in all of the vegan goodness and cleanse my eyes from the horrors of the death aisle.

I do sympathize with everyone who feels that the placement of vegan options next to meat is unfortunate… however, I personally believe it is a fantastic idea and a small price to pay if it means that it could help more people switch to a plant based diet.

Not only will it directly display plant based, cruelty free alternatives to customers who would be looking at meat and dairy but it’s also a great way for people to be exposed to plant based food which in turn may encourage them to research the different meat/dairy alternatives and the benefits it has on their health.

I can imagine a lot of consumers comparing the nutritional content of the meat vs plant based foods and hopefully that being enough for them to at least try the healthier, animal-free option.

For me, having to walk down the smelly meat and dairy aisle to reach my vegan goodness once in a while is not really a big deal if it means that more people will be exposed to a  wider variety of vegan foods and in turn eat less meat and dairy which will overall lower the amount of animals  being slaughtered every year by the Animal Agriculture industry.

And after all, that is what Veganism is really about.

On another note, they will be offering loyalty points and vouchers to those who purchase plant based alternatives… so here’s to saving some extra monies Woop Woop Woop!!


“Animals are not products. Life doesn’t have a price.”


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Totally agree! Don’t particularly relish the thought of wandering through the ‘death and suffering’ aisle (as I call it) to get my plant based ingredients, however would do it in a heart beat if it meant even one person gave up buying flesh because they suddenly realised there were kinder and healthier options!!


Completely agree Angie, it’s worth the horrible sight and smell of meat and dairy!