Is It Enough To Just Be Vegan?


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You’ve gone vegan, Awesome. But do you feel pressured to do more?

Hello, Vegan of 1 year 4 months here!  According to The Vegan Calculator I have saved 485 animal lives, 19,400 lbs of grain and 533,000 gallons of water… among many other things

And while these figures do make me feel like going vegan is worthwhile after all, I can’t help but feel as though I am still not doing enough.

The whole reason I started RaeLikesFroot is because even though I no longer support the meat and dairy industry, I couldn’t help but feel as though I could do more.

I wanted to reach out to people who may be considering this lifestyle and show them that it’s not as bad as media and society makes it out to be and there are more than enough resources for anyone to easily switch their animal based products to cruelty free, plant based ones.

If I could help even 1 person go vegan, then I am doing my part.

 RaeLikesFroot is going to be 1 year old in May and so far I’m not really too sure how many people I’ve helped become vegan (except for my sister, hey Terri!)  My stats are good and I get a lot of great feedback from my blog posts but I still can’t help but feel like I can do more.

A lot of people will probably say that I am most definitely not doing enough or at the very least I could be more physically active in the Vegan community and head out to vigil or a protest.

I have been directly told by some people in Facebook Vegan groups that if I am not an activist then I am not doing enough and I need to get off my lazy bum (their actual words, not mine)

 I have Social Anxiety, it’s pretty self explanatory but in case you need me to tell you I basically get extremely, unnecessarily nervous when I have to participate in basic social interactions. I haven’t always been like this, I used to be a right little social butterfly. But as I have grown older I seem to have developed a fear of speaking to anybody that isn’t my family or boyfriend.

EXAMPLE; I have been invited to someone’s house that I have never been to before and the only person I will know is my boyfriend, said occasion will be taking place next week.

MY REACTION; For the next week I will be overthinking absolutely everything leading up to that day. I will think about what clothes I wear and how they will portray me as a person, how I should say hello to people, (sometimes I hug people I’ve never met because I don’t know how to greet them properly and it’s all very awkward) I’ll be thinking about what their house will look like, what their street will look like, what if they don’t like me, what will I talk about, shall I drink alcohol, should I try to loose a few pounds before, will they make me take off my shoes, how many people will be there… etc, etc.

This is what every social interaction is like for me and once I am there in the midst of whatever gathering it is that I am at, I am still overthinking everything and can never fully enjoy just being around other people.

I realise how terrible this sounds, It’s not that I hate speaking to people I actually really enjoy hanging out with people… once I get to know them, which for me can take a very long time.

This is why I have SO much respect for activists, even more so for animal activists that attend animal saves. They are able to put all of their own personal issues aside and for one day go out in public and fight for the lives of animals.

I have been considering going to an Earthlings Experience for months now purely because you stand with a laptop showing Earthlings the documentary or a sign board telling people to watch and be silent, I even bought myself a white mask and everything. But whenever the time comes I let my anxiety get the better of me, end up feeling shit and not going so I tell myself I will try again next week.

I imagine this whole experience will be a lot easier for someone who has even 1 vegan pal who was willing to go with them, I know that I wouldn’t have any issues going if I had someone to go with. It’s just the thought of meeting so many new people at once that puts me off and it makes me feel terribly selfish.

But I am trying and I WILL go.

I am no longer contributing to the meat and dairy industry, I am fully vegan and promote the lifestyle here on my blog and all other social media (we all know how effective that is) so my answer is YES, it IS enough to just be vegan.

If you CAN do more, TRY to do more because without activists animals have no voice  


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Amy Riddett

Love this blogpost, i know the feeling of how overwhelming it can be when you first go vegan, and how you feel that you can always do more! Really loved this post!