Vegan Sour Cream & Chive Dip

Sorry lads, you ain’t gonna find better than this.

Vegan Sour cream & chive dip is undoubtedly, THE BEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

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 If sour cream & chive dip were a human it would be Tom Hardy, if sour cream & chive dip were a destination it would be The Seychelles, if sour cream & chive dip were a food… it would be sour cream & chive dip.

However, the main issue for us vegans is that the main ingredient in sour cream is cream from a cow (gross) and there doesn’t seem to be many great vegan alternatives in the UK that wont cost you the life of your first born child!

So after months of trying various recipes for a vegan sour cream & chive dip (how many times can you say sour cream & chive dip in one post Rae, jeez) after being let down by those recipes over and over again, I have done the impossible.

I have perfected the vegan sour cream and chive dip!

It tastes just like the real thing, won’t break the bank and you probably already have 99% of these ingredients anyway



1 pot of Oatly Creme Fraiche – 200g for £1.55 in Tesco

Generous handful of fresh chives, finely chopped

2tbsp lemon juice

1tbsp garlic powder

1tsp black pepper

pinch of ground coriander  (not pictured, forgot it didn’t I)



Empty the Oatly creme fraiche into a small bowl and add the chopped chives. You can cut them up finely with scissors rather than actually chopping them…ain’t nobody got time for that.

Then add in the lemon juice, pepper, garlic powder and coriander and mix with a spoon.


You can add more herbs & spices to suit your taste but really, that’s all there is too it!

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