Strange Side Effects of Going Vegan | Part 2

You Will NOT Believe this!

Welcome to Rae’s Vegan Facts! (not really lmao)

So, the first Strange Side Effects of Going Vegan post was VERY popular, it was actually my most read post ever hitting almost a whopping 5,000 views (don’t laugh at me big bloggers, I’m small time)  You can read it here –

I figure since you lot liked it so much, why not do another. Here are more, Strange Side Effects of Going Vegan!

(don’t take this too seriously, i’m poking fun at stereotypes)

Constantly Being Stranded on a Desert Island

Every time I tell a non-vegan that I am vegan, POOF! I’m magically whisked away to a beautiful desert Island surrounded by nothing but cute, cuddly farm animals.

But wait, what’s this? Someone who eats meat every single day disrupting my bliss and threatening me to choose whether  I would dare eat an animal or starve to death on this lush island filled with just as many plants as there are animals, Just so they can judge my commitment to the Vegan lifestyle based on one ridiculous, unrealistic situation?

What do they expect me to say “I mean, if I’m in the Bahamas F*** the berries & bananas. Pass me the cow!”

having no choice of what to eat in restaurants

I remember the  days when I could go into any restaurant and order anything off the menu

Now I have to think about being vegan I need to fuss myself with asking for something that doesn’t contain animal parts… Ahh it’s a hard knock life, Annie.

If only I had some creativity and asked those restaurants that don’t offer vegan options if I can order all the vegan options on the sides menu and make up my own delicious, plant based dinner for (sometimes) a fraction of the price!

If only.

I STINK of Bean Farts

Nicole Arbour was right, Vegans DO smell of bean farts… but has she smelt meat & dairy farts

Think I know which I prefer.

Give me all the Multivitamins!

Poppin’ multivitamins all day errry day!

Because fruits, veggies, grains & legumes simply do not contain any vitamins and nutrients, I have to take endless vitamins constantly, fueling my body on the food my body was designed to eat is SO difficult!

My Primal instinct to Hunt cows, chickens & pigs is driving me crazy

One thing you find when going vegan is that your natural instinct to want to claw at a cow’s hide and rip into their throat with your massive canines will never go away.

Ya know… because eating meat is SO natural for us humans.

i’m now a full blown hippie. please, no DEODORANT for xmas

Everyone knows that when you go vegan you become a yoga obsessed, hipster, new age hippie. I mean, that’s just standard procedure.

Assuming I do yoga every morning, smoke copious amounts of the marijuana plant while singing round a campfire with my hippie buddies and travelling across the USofA in my solar powered VW van all without showering for months on end, purely because I don’t like to contribute to animal cruelty is perfectly acceptable 🙂

(no offense to real life hippies, ya’ll are cool as F***)

farm animals everywhere! they’re taking over the world

 Haven’t you noticed the increasing numbers of cows, pigs and chickens just wandering around outside because thanks to those meddling vegans,  less of them are being killed hence there is nowhere for them to go.

Animal Sanctuaries are bursting at the seams, it’s madness!

You’d think with all the empty farm land in the UK they would have somewhere to go, more sanctuaries to open so they can live out their years in peace… but oh no! Who do they think they are being all alive and sh**

“No animal needs to die in order for me to live. And that makes me feel good.” -Howard Lynan

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