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Sometimes, you need to take a break

This is more of an update than anything, so if you are looking for  some amazing vegan meal ideas or epic lolz  from a 20 something wannabe vegan blogger, then swing on by, same time next week or check out one of my other posts 🙂

As you may know Thursday is my usual posting day. I feature DietMondays on a Tuesday, and have my own posts go up on Thursdays.

This week I will not be doing my usual Thursday post, as life has done that annoying thing where everything gets mega hectic for like a week straight and you end up having no time or energy to eat let alone write your blog post.

I do not get paid for this blog, and it is not my job (as much as I would like it to be) so I can only work on RaeLikesFroot in my free time, and it takes up a lot of my free time.

I also spend a few days writing one post, I like to take my time and create good quality content for my site. As that is essentially all I am offering the world.. I would like it to not be shit.

So like I said earlier, life has gone a little crazy lately, and I have had a half written Easy Vegan Meals on a Budget  post sitting in my drafts folder for a few days.

I do not feel happy uploading a half arsed, rushed post that I know is not the best I can do just because I needed to get it done to stick to my schedule.

I am sorry to disappoint everyone who has been eagerly waiting by their phones to read the weekly addition of RaeLikesFroot , I hope you will forgive me and pop back next week for my 3rd edition of Easy Vegan Meals on a Budget.

And because I now have time to produce some amazing content, it will be the best one ever!

Se Ya’ll next week!

 Rae 🌱 ❤️

Instagram – @raelikesfroot

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