Anxiety & Activism, My First Ever Demo!

Dairy protest

You shouldn’t let fear, lack of confidence or anxiety stop you from taking part in Activism

A few months back I wrote a post  explaining my thoughts on protesting and why I have never gotten more involved. You can read that particular post here to give you more of an insight into why I have always felt too scared to attempt any form of activism.

If you live in London you will know that during London Fashion Week there is always a protest happening somewhere against the use of fur and animal skin in the shows and in fashion in general.

I remember sitting on my bed watching the live stream of the protest from a girl on my Facebook called Ruby, (check out her new YouTube channel – Compassionate Queen)  She is an activist and regularly attends demos & saves and is basically the inspiration behind me wanting to get more active.

Thanks Ruby 🙂 

Living East with VERY easy access into Central London really gave me no excuse. I felt terrible that all of those people were out protesting and there I am sitting on my bed watching it on a phone with nothing to do that day.

The only thing holding me back was not feeling confident enough being in a crowd and putting myself out there to stand up for what I believe in.

So I went about the rest of my day.

I couldn’t get that feeling out of my head, I was screaming at myself for not just going out there and doing something out of my comfort zone and once again allowing anxiety & lack of confidence rule my life.

A few weeks later I saw that a Mothers Day dairy protest against Jamie Oliver and his new “happy milk” campaign was happening that weekend. “This would be perfect for my first ever demo”, I thought.

There was a good amount of people attending,  it was in an area of London I am familiar with and a cause that I am extremely passionate about.

So that night I made my first ever sign board, I got such a buzz from creating it that I whisked up 2 more! (such an artist, I know I am especially proud of that first one)

Vegan Vegan Vegan

Arriving in Piccadilly Circus I was feeling a mixture of nervous & excitement. One of the first 10 people there I started some conversations with the rest of the group to try and break the ice and not be my usual awkward hot mess.

Sometimes you just have to throw yourself out of your comfort zone to gain the confidence you need to progress further

I was at that protest for 4.5 hours, and I will tell you now that it was the quickest 4.5 hours of my life! The buzz you get from seeing the curious faces reach out for a leaflet is addictive!

Knowing that they might just go home, read that piece of paper you gave them, do a little research and it could change their entire view on animals and diet choices forever made me feel like I was really part of a good cause.

That gave me the confidence to  surpass my original self allotted time of staying at the demo of 1 hour, to leaving after 4.5hrs only because I was freezing and hungry.

 I came away from the demo with a sense of accomplishment! And more confidence to be able to attended more protests, I felt fantastic.

I am already planning the next ones and met some really cool people, I have a lot of respect for activists, I always have and I would love to be one too.

Here is a mega awkward picture of me from the demo, I always close my eyes in pictures… weird I know
Vegan Activism

Rae 🌱 ❤️

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“Every living creature has the right to live ethically.” -Dirk Verbeuren

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