I said F*** It! And Started a YouTube Channel


Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening reader.

I’m guessing you clicked on this post because you are one of 3 things

1) Ever so curious as to why I said F*** it! and started a YouTube channel

2) Thinking about starting a channel yourself

3) Already a follower of RaeLikesFroot and curious to see what all the fuss is about

Just as everyone does, I let things like; caring what other people think of me, making an idiot of myself and a whole bag of other insecurities get in the way of me doing something I REALLY want to do.

 I had the idea to create a YouTube channel for my blog well over a year ago (I even made an account last year to secure the channel name) but that’s all I did, made an account I uploaded my profile picture and left it at that.

I wanted to make positive, informative content for vegans & non vegans, that will help them with their transition into a cruelty free lifestyle whilst showing them how fun, budget friendly and exciting going vegan can be.

But I was too scared to do anything more, the thought of uploading moving images of my face to a platform used by hundreds of millions of people every day scared the absolute shit out of me.

But it was oddly something I also wanted to do. 

I am a BIG fan of the YouTube, just ask my Boyfriend I am on it constantly! There are so many amazing creators on there who produce such beautiful, simple and informative content that I can binge watch for hours!

Creating videos, making new friends and sharing your lifestyle with the world all through YouTube looked like so much fun, I just HAD to get involved.

So after a year of raelikesfroot.com, a few failed YouTube videos that I filmed on my phone and waking up every morning thinking to myself “just start the f***ing channel Rae” I decided to purchase my first proper camera to mark the first step in committing to my channel

A year of constantly thinking up video ideas left me with a whole mental library to choose from, so on the same day I purchased my new child, the Canon EOS M3 I also filmed my first YouTube video, you can watch that by clicking here

I am now hooked, the best part of my week is going home to film videos for my channel, heck I even enjoy the editing process. I am still dealing with seeing my face and hearing my voice on camera, and yes it makes me cringe a little sometimes. But the perception you have of yourself is always different to how others see you. So do not be afraid

I feel like I am learning so much, and have already had positive feedback from viewers saying that my videos are helping them, which is the whole reason for RaeLikesFroot.

My Advice

If there is something that you want to do, but have been putting it off due to anxiety, insecurity or any other reason bought on purely by your mind.

Just remember that you are on this planet once. (unless you believe in reincarnation) and if you never do the things you want to do based on what other people may think of you, or your anxiety or insecurities then there may come a time in your life when you will seriously regret it, and that is worse then failing or being embarrassed. 

“An essential aspect of Creativity, is not being afraid to fail”  – Dr Edwin Land

I have become completely addicted to YouTube so expect to see my face a lot more. 😀

Please subscribe and join the family, it’s free so why not <3

Love, Rae 🌱 ❤️


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