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I have to say, it feels like this whole “no junk food” thing is starting to get a little easier!

This time yesterday morning I was craving crisps like anything and today I feel light and am only craving bananas! I am also feeling the benefits of not stuffing my face with sugary snacks after dinner.

Whenever I eat junk food in the evening, I wake up with what I like to call a “Junk food hangover” I awake with a headache, feeling like I want to vom & a desire to eat more junk food, it can also last a good few hours after I wake up (as a hangover usually does)

You’d think that feeling alone would be enough to make me want to quit junk food altogether, but no… the chubby little 12 year old sneaking biscuits into her bedroom before bedtime and stuffing them under her pillow for a midnight snack still lives within me.

Anyway, onto day 3 


Banana, date, cacao & protein smoothie

Peppermint Tea & 500ml water

Yes I know, another smoothie… I like them ok! They are quick, easy and filling.  Plus you can get a lot of goodness into one smoothie and I like to get as many nutrients as I can into each meal time!

Lunch & Snacks

vegan weight loss healthy diet plan vegan weight loss healthy diet plan

Carrots & Hummus

Melon & Kiwi fruit pot with mango coulis 

New Tropicana morning boost smoothie

Peppermint & 1ltr water

What vegan doesn’t love carrots & hummus… come on, tell me


Today’s gym session is more of a group gym session, my boyfriend and his sister are joining me so I’m not going to do a huge workout today, probably just have fun and try out some new equipment.

My workout yesterday was pretty heavy, I basically did my entire body and focused extra hard on the booty with hip abduction completing 5×10 on my heaviest, 66kg! …Very proud 🙂

I had a scoop of protein in this morning’s smoothie, and am planning on having a protein heavy dinner so no need for the shake afterwards 


Linda Mc Cartneys Sausages 

Brown rice with baked kale, green & kidney beans

Ciao for now!

Rae x

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DISCLAIMER: (I am not a dietitian, nutritionist or weight loss expert. I am simply sharing what I eat over the next 30 days to inspire others and promote veganism) 

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