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I think so far, only 4 days into this vegan weight loss plan… we can all agree that I have a bit of a watermelon addiction!

I recently shared a before and after image of myself on Facebook, showing how I looked years ago when I used to treat myself to Domino’s multiple times a week, down pints of cow’s milk at midnight and snack on ham and cheese sandwiches, next to a recent picture of me now almost 2 years vegan.

weight loss transformation vegan diet meal plan

Here is the picture if anyone is interested

I got mostly positive feedback from it, but a couple of people seemed to be a little upset or frustrated that I was sharing my progress… they were saying that it was “unfair” to promote weight loss on a vegan diet as not everyone does loose weight. This is true, but I am proud of how far I have come and how much my health & body has improved since going vegan. If my weight loss causes offence to anyone then I apologise, that is not my intention, but maybe just be happy that I am happy and promoting veganism in a positive light.

Onto day 3, pals!


healthy vegan meal plan weight loss diet

Watermelon Juice (1/4 large watermelon)

Large green apple 

Peppermint Tea

I didn’t have a very big breakfast today, mostly because I was in a bit of a rush this morning and I feel a little full from last night’s massive dinner. (check out day 3 here)

Lunch & Snacks

vegan avocado meal plan weight loss diet

Guacamole on corn cakes 

Not 1, but 2 Nakd bars.. Apple pie & Cocoa Crunch. No ragrets

I did a naughty last night… I had a bowl of Bombay mix at midnight. But you know what, allow yourself these little snacks when you are craving them, obviously not all the time but every now and then, just have what you crave. No need to torture yourself


No gym for me today! I’m giving myself a much needed day off so I can allow my muscles to relax and recover before hitting it hard again tomorrow evening!


vegan pizza meal plan weight loss diet

It’s burnt… I know, the oven was too high. Leave me alone

And on the days where I don’t go to the gym I like to treat myself to one of my favourite meals… PIZZA! 

I love vegan pizza, with cheese or without it tastes amazing both ways! Chuck on a ton of veggies, some mock meat if you feel like it, a little sprinkling of vegan cheese and why not go to town and throw on a couple of avocado slices on top (trust me, it’s amazing) You will never want to order Domino’s again!

And it’s good for you! 


Rae x

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DISCLAIMER: (I am not a dietitian, nutritionist or weight loss expert. I am simply sharing what I eat over the next 30 days to inspire others and promote veganism) 

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