I might go fully raw!

Hello everyone! Welcome to day 6

It is currently Sunday, but I am writing up Saturday’s post (in the blogging world I’m a day ahead)

This is everything I ate on Saturday, and I have to tell you eating mostly raw fruits during the day made me feel so good. Then what did I do, I binged in the evening because “It’s Saturday” on Pringles and Starburst and I woke up feeling so sick and energy-less… enough is enough.

My sister is coming over today (Sunday) to see the new flat for the first time and we are going to make some Mexican food and possibly some cocktails/mocktails but I’m going to attempt to make it has healthy as possible. So  if you want to see what we made then make sure you are here, same time, same place tomorrow!

The fact that I haven’t taken part in #rawgust this month seems a little silly, it was perfect timing as it it takes up the whole of August and I am doing this diet for the whole of August, I think I might give it a go starting Monday!


Mashed avocado & tomato on corn cakes

Homemade fresh fruit salad with mango, passionfruit & banana

let me tell you, my omni boyfriend loved this breakfast! We put a little nooch on top of the avocado and he said that the nooch with the avo tasted like scrambled eggs!


Fresh watermelon juice (1/4)

4 bananas

Just call me rae-lee the banana girl!


Homemade Vegan “chicken” korma

With rice and broccoli

Lovingly made by that boyfriend we spoke about earlier, he made this using Sainsbury’s korma paste, light coconut milk & Quorn vegan peices.

The only thing that worries me about going fully raw is … what the hell do I eat for dinner!! I guess a lot of salads? We will see…

Au Revoir


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DISCLAIMER: (I am not a dietitian, nutritionist or weight loss expert. I am simply sharing what I eat over the next 30 days to inspire others and promote veganism) 

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