What I ate Fully Raw, Day 1 | 30 Day Vegan Weight Loss

#Rawgust i’m comin’ for ya!

So, if you saw yesterday’s post (check it out here) you would have read that 7 days into my 30 day weight loss challenge I have decided to take on #Rawgust. A month long food challenge where you eat nothing but raw vegan foods for the month of August

Day one hasn’t been to bad. I eat a mostly raw diet anyway so I figure this shouldn’t be too hard for me. But I do struggle when it comes to getting creative at dinner times.

I always feel my absolute best when I am eating a high raw diet, so I’m hoping to reap some awesome benefits over the coming weeks! Don’t forget to sign up to the blog to get the daily run down of my 1 month raw vegan challenge.

I am allowing myself 2 exceptions over these next few weeks. The first being herbal tea, I’m pretty sure it’s not considered a “raw food” but It has an awful lot of benefits and it curbs any coffee cravings I get. 2, pea protein I am currently hitting the gym a lot and want to make sure my protein intake is higher than usual, and as a complete noob to this whole raw vegan thing I have no idea where to get good protein sources on a raw vegan diet. Please comment below if you have any suggestions!


Banana, cacao, pea protien, date and water smoothie

Mixed berries

 Be prepared to see that smoothie a lot more! It’s my go to and one of the only smoothies I can tolerate on a daily basis!


Avocado & cherry tomato salad 

Edamame beans from wasabi

2 oranges

Handful of nuts and raisins


Let’s just say… I went hard


Raw stuffed mushroom with red pepper, pineapple & avocado

Carrot “chips”

TTFN Ta Ta For Now!

Rae x

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