5 HILARIOUS Responses to Veganism

Veganism has exploded over the last few years, you know this I know this everyone had their cat’s mother knows this

But did you know that there is such a thing as Veganphobia? No… probably not because I just made it up 🙂

It’s basically when an Omni (a person who eats meat and dairy) is so scared of a vegan and their “extreme” lifestyle that they come up with all sorts of tosh in a bid to scare them away and block their vegan’ess from turning them to the other side (the vegan side, to be clear)

As a plant muncher of 2 years I have heard A LOT of crazy excuses from others as to why I shouldn’t be vegan… but I have already made an entire post about that, which you can read here

I wanted to reach out to other vegans and hear what THEY had been told about veganism… let’s call it Fake ‘Vegan’ News


“but if we don’t eat them, there will be too many and they will take over the planet”

A classic answer that has been brought up many times to myself and pretty much everyone that I contacted for this post… truth is the animals that people eat are bred for demand. Meaning that we are breeding almost 70 billion animals a year because we are consuming that many… less demand for meat = less animals being bred, simples.

“You need the calcium from cows milk or your teeth will break and fall out” – @noexcusefitmom

No, ya don’t. In fact TONS of plant based foods contain calcium… check out this post from The Vegan Society – https://www.vegansociety.com/sites/default/files/Calcium.pdf 

Thanks to Mareike of @noExcuseFitMom check out her Instagram for short workouts and vegan recipes!

“those animals don’t mind being killed and eaten, it’s all they know”- Eco-friendly Vegan Geek, youtuber 

Are you telling me that it’s 2017 and people STILL believe that cow’s, pigs & chickens are just mindless creatures who are like… “u wanna kill & eat me bro? Yeah kl no problem I wont feel a thing”

Stop, please and read this (GRAPHIC CONTENT) https://www.peta.org/blog/videos-may-prove-animals-know-theyre-next-line-die/ 

Thanks to Eco Friendly Vegan Geek for her entry, check out her YouTube channel here 

“oh but I only eat organic meat anyway” – Helen Rogers, Singer 

Organic, free range, grass fed, raised in a multi million dollar mansion and waited on… well, hoof and mouth. They all end up in a slaughter house.

Thanks to Helen Rogers for her entry, Helen is a singer and you can check out her music here

“I was told that if I drink plant based milk every day then I will end up with kidney failure and die.” – PHeobe, the Dopey Vegan

Now, while eating too much soy has been proven to increase the chances of developing kidney stones (see article here) the chances of you developing Kidney failure and dying from drinking plant based milk are very, very slim.

Also, there are A LOT of plant based milks that aren’t soy… so, yeah no excuse really!

Thanks to Pheobe of The Dopey Vegan, check out her blog here and follow her on Instagram here 

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