10 Tips for New Vegans | 10 Months Vegan

As of August I will have been Vegan for officially 10 months, Wohoo!

If I’m honest, this lifestyle feels so natural too me I often forget that I am vegan. Not in the sense where I forget and go ahead and binge on animal products… more in the sense that everything that I was trying to change 10 months ago, has become second nature to me now.

I know that being a vegan for 10 months doesn’t make me an expert or anything, but I feel like I can give some pretty useful advice to people who are considering veganism or new to veganism.

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Easy Vegan Meals on a Budget

I love being Vegan, and I love Vegan food! I even occasionally enjoy cooking it.

I like my meals to be cheap, tasty and easy to make. And I would like to share my favorite Easy Vegan Meals on a Budget with you! These are my go-to meals for lunch or dinner (or breakfast, whatever floats your boat) when I just can not be bothered to cook… which is pretty much all the time.

Raw Vegan Rice Rolls & A Clean Noodle Soup


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