Becoming Vegan Changed My Life!

I have been Vegan for 8 months now YAY! And officially not eaten meat for well over a year YAY!  And it has been the best decision OF MY LIFE! And I can guarantee you anyone who has also been on this journey will say the exact same thing, it sounds extremely cliche but it is massively true. I have seen a great amount of benefits and it makes me feel lucky to have found this lifestyle.

I just wanted to share with everyone a list of some of the benefits I have seen since going Vegan. Enjoy the read ❤️

8 Months Vegan

My skin is A LOT clearer; my skin tone has evened out massively! And any new spots clear up within a few days rather than weeks, my Rosacea has calmed down tremendously!

My hair is softer, and grows quicker! Along with my nails and weirdly…. my eyelashes (I know right)

I’m way more energized! I feel lighter and I never feel run down or tired after eating a big meal.

I no longer feel guilt about my food and where it has come from, I feel liberated knowing that my lifestyle has not harmed anyone else’s

I have noticed significant weight loss, by following a vegan lifestyle and exercising occasionally, I have lost almost 3 stone since November 2015

I no longer get nausea in the mornings. This is one of the reasons I stopped dairy in the first place, I noticed that when I ate it, I would wake up the next day feeling like I was going to be sick, and it would carry on all day.

I’m WAY less bloated

My skin looks overall much healthier, not just on my face but everywhere , I have a glow about my skin that I never used too

I like foods I never used to, for example…. Cucumber used to be my KRYPTONITE (anyone who knows me, knows this) … Now I have it all the time

Because of this lifestyle I NEVER eat fast food anymore. Not just because there is nothing I can eat, but mostly because I don’t WANT to give my money to those companies. I will only get the occasional Papa John’s but vegan style of course 

I can eat raw veggies without squirming!!

I am way more experimental with my food

I feel lighter and my overall health feels massively improved

I sleep a lot better

Food shopping is so much fun now! And a lot cheaper!

I rarely eat frozen or proccesed food anymore

I’m finding that the longer I’m vegan the less I crave processed foods, and the more I crave fresh/wholefoods.

I never get sick, even when everyone around me is. So my immune system has vastly improved

I can actually cook, as I’m forced to cook from fresh and research new recipes 

I really care about my overall health now, and am much more conscious about what food I eat and its health benefits

I used to have SUCH a love for animals, (all animals not just cats and dogs) when I was very young. And I got distanced from that over time. I feel more connected with that side of me now, more than I ever did before.

Rae 🌱❤️