Debatable: Vegans can eat eggs!!?

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Do you think that it is OK to eat eggs from a hen that you or someone you know owns?

(please note that I know this subject isn’t really debatable, I just want to hear your thoughts about it) x 

I don’t get those people who claim they are vegan and still eat eggs.

Yes, I understand that your best friend keeps them in his/her garden and they live in a chicken mansion and they wouldn’t use them anyway. But you are still taking something from an animal, still putting something into your body that has no need to be there.

Plus, it’s a hen’s period… and that’s pretty gross.

The thing is, eggs are pretty bad for you. The yolk is full of cholesterol and the whites are a pretty crappy source of protein. Tofu is an amazing substitute for scrambled eggs, and you can use a whole boatload of other things to replace eggs when baking, they even have actual Vegan eggs now! Look it up!

 They are a pointless, cruel food source and they are 100% NOT VEGAN.

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“Every time we go by KFC, my kids ask me to honk and they yell ‘Boo’ out the window.” – Pamela Anderson

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Easy Vegan Meals on a Budget

I love being Vegan, and I love Vegan food! I even occasionally enjoy cooking it.

I like my meals to be cheap, tasty and easy to make. And I would like to share my favorite Easy Vegan Meals on a Budget with you! These are my go-to meals for lunch or dinner (or breakfast, whatever floats your boat) when I just can not be bothered to cook… which is pretty much all the time.

Raw Vegan Rice Rolls & A Clean Noodle Soup


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Debatable: Vegan Doesn’t Mean Cruelty Free?


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Every time I pick up an item to check if it is vegan & cruelty free I always think the same thing…..

“Why does vegan, not also mean cruelty free?”

I will explain exactly what I mean by that ,the whole point of Veganism is to not participate or contribute in any way to the exploitation of animals. Which also means not buying products that test their ingredients on animals. So why are they allowed to sell a product that is not both, if it will be any?

I find it crazy that a product can be classed as “vegan” but it can still have been tested on animals. Or that a product that is “cruelty free” can contain animal bi-products. It truly baffles me that this is tolerated and even allowed! I have done some searching on this, and the most I can get are articles explaining the difference between Vegan & Cruelty free…which isn’t much help to be honest. 

Not only this, but it is very hard to find products that are both cruelty free & vegan. Superdrug is my main man when it comes to beauty products. Pretty much everything own brand is cruelty free & vegan, but when it comes to make up… you are quite limited. B (exclusive to Superdrug) is the only fully vegan and cruelty free make up brand that I can find in the highstreet, I have heard of some others online, one being Elf… but there is a HUGE gap in the market that someone needs to fill! 

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“To get mud off your hands, use soap and water. To get blood off your hands, go vegan.” -John Sakars

A Vegan Shopping List | Tips on Where & What to Buy! 

If you are thinking about becoming Vegan, but worried about where to buy your food or even what to buy! Take a read below. I hope you find this useful <3 

Since being Vegan, I spend a lot less money on my weekly food shop. It seems crazy too me that people really think that being Vegan means having to spend more money on food when meat is far more expensive than fruits and vegetables! Of course if you spend all your budget on frozen processed vegan meat alternatives, expensive dairy free cheeses and milks the cost of your shop will rack up, seek out the best supermarket for your needs and go for the best offers. Buy at markets for the best fruit and veg prices, and buy dry foods in bulk! 

You need to see food shopping as an activity and make it fun! My boyfriend is not Vegan, so we tend to do main fruit and vegetable shops together then we will each buy things that we need that the other will not use. I go food shopping once every couple of weeks and spend under £20 each time. 

Here is a little look into what I buy, and where I buy it. 


Tesco is great for dairy free alternatives, as well as stocking the Violife Vegan Cheese range they also have a large range of their own, this is where I do my usual shop!

Alpro Milk Alternatives (whatever flavour is on offer that week) 4 for £4, | Coconut & Almond is my favorite! These last the whole month! 

Violife Cheese slices £2.20 a pack | I don’t always buy these, only once every few months. Mostly because it tastes so good and I would eat it every day if I could! 

Tesco Own Brand Vegan Cheese £2.20-£3 | I’m not a huge fan of this stuff, its made with Soy and has a very strange taste and texture.. it also smells rank when its cooked. 

Some sort of Rice or Pulse £1 – £2.50 for 500g-1kg| I usually go for Cous Cous, Bulgar Wheat or Brown rice 

Beans 34p – 89p a can of 400g | I always have to have beans in my cupboard as both of us love them! They are a great source of protien, versatile, full of fiber, very cheap and very filling. I go for Kidney beans, cannelini beans and mix beans 

Peanut Butter, Tesco own and the crunchy kind 62p 340g 

500g Fresh Washed Spinach £2  | this bag will last just over a week

Broccoli 39p each | I ususally buy between 2-4 of these every few weeks

Fresh Cauliflower 95p each | Make sure you go for ones that are large, covered in leaves and not green on the stalks!

Gnocci 500g 70p | I LOVE this stuff! cook it up in 2 mins, mix in some tomato paste, fresh tomatoes and basil! Delicious <3

Courgettes 60p 350g (2 courgettes) | These are great to put on Vegan pizza or for making Courgetti!

Bananas £1 for about 6-7 | I only buy bananas from supermarkets when I can’t get to the Market

Coconut oil £1.50 | I use this instead of Olive Oil, the main difference is that Coconut Oil has less saturated fat vs Olive Oil

Snacks 85p-£2 each | When I do buy snacks I usually get – Cofresh bombay mix (the red bag), Doritos (chilli flavour), Raisins or other dried fruits, salted peanuts.

Tofu £1.50 | I go for Cauldron if I want to make some crispy baked tofu.

Frozen Edamame £2 600g bag | I LOVE edamame beans, they are low Kcal high protein and very good for you. Buy a bag of these, and let them defrost before you use them. I recommended snacking on them cold, or adding them to salads!


Asda is great for fruit and veg! They seem to think that the tiniest brown spot on bunch of  bananas means they have had their day and reduce them to crazy prices, you can sometimes get about 15 bananas for 60p!

Their cauliflowers are still around £1 each but they are HUGE! 

Like Tesco, they always have Alpro and other milk alternatives on sale every week, the usual deal is 2 for £2 or 4 for £4

They also stock Violife cheese, but do not have their own brand selection

They have a great world foods selection, that has loads of different types of snacks that are suitable for Vegans!

Whitechapel Market | Outside Whitechapel Station

I love heading to Whitechapel market with an empty back pack and filling it too the brim with tons of fresh fruit and veg for less that £10! They have everything from Bananas to Jackfruit, pretty much every stall will sell a bowl of Fruit for £1, you can get Avocados, Oranges, Bananas, Apples, Grapes, Cherries, Courgette, Aubergine, Lettuce, Green Beans, Chillies, Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes the list is endless!

You can get around 6 Avocados for £1, but make sure you check them properly. Many times I have gone home and had to throw a couple!

Asian Supermarkets | My Pick: Loon Fung, Stratford 

While I like to go to Asian supermarkets for cheap tofu and soy sauce, there is a downside… They have A LOT of fresh meat in, it can sometimes smell quite bad and I remember one I went in last  year that had a freezer full of whole baby pigs. I just walked straight out.

Loon Fung in Stratford is great for cheap tofu, they sell firm, medium firm and silken each for around £1.50 but you get more than you do in the standard packs in other supermarkets.

They are also great for Soy Sauce, you can get 1 litre bottle of it for about £1, same goes for rice wine vinegar! They also have a great selection of sushi stuff, and fresh and frozen gyoza pastries!

Also, get the 2kg pack of oranges for £1.69… They are SOOO juicy and you can make a really good OJ out of them

 Rae 🌱❤️

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“People eat meat and think they will become as strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass.” -Pino Caruso

Debatable: How to Spread the Vegan Message

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Personally, I believe that there is no ‘correct’ way to spread the Vegan message and educate others on plant based living. If you have a voice and the knowledge to back up everything you are saying, spread it like wildfire, I say! As long as you are not physically hurting anyone or causing harm. Any approach will do.

But as long as you DO something.

I don’t have this blog to shove my views in other people’s faces, or frustrate anyone. I have it to express my own thoughts, educate others and provide some interesting reading material for people who are considering Veganism.  I want to show people that its not nearly as hard or expensive as everyone makes out to be. For me, this feels like the most I can physically do at this moment in time with the resources that I have. But at least I am doing something, right. 

Do you think there is a ‘wrong’ way to spread the message? And what do you think is the most effective way of changing people’s minds on Vegansim?

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“Please don’t refuse with your eyes what the animals endure with their bodies.”

-Shaun Monson

Becoming Vegan Changed My Life!

I have been Vegan for 8 months now YAY! And officially not eaten meat for well over a year YAY!  And it has been the best decision OF MY LIFE! And I can guarantee you anyone who has also been on this journey will say the exact same thing, it sounds extremely cliche but it is massively true. I have seen a great amount of benefits and it makes me feel lucky to have found this lifestyle.

I just wanted to share with everyone a list of some of the benefits I have seen since going Vegan. Enjoy the read ❤️

8 Months Vegan

My skin is A LOT clearer; my skin tone has evened out massively! And any new spots clear up within a few days rather than weeks, my Rosacea has calmed down tremendously!

My hair is softer, and grows quicker! Along with my nails and weirdly…. my eyelashes (I know right)

I’m way more energized! I feel lighter and I never feel run down or tired after eating a big meal.

I no longer feel guilt about my food and where it has come from, I feel liberated knowing that my lifestyle has not harmed anyone else’s

I have noticed significant weight loss, by following a vegan lifestyle and exercising occasionally, I have lost almost 3 stone since November 2015

I no longer get nausea in the mornings. This is one of the reasons I stopped dairy in the first place, I noticed that when I ate it, I would wake up the next day feeling like I was going to be sick, and it would carry on all day.

I’m WAY less bloated

My skin looks overall much healthier, not just on my face but everywhere , I have a glow about my skin that I never used too

I like foods I never used to, for example…. Cucumber used to be my KRYPTONITE (anyone who knows me, knows this) … Now I have it all the time

Because of this lifestyle I NEVER eat fast food anymore. Not just because there is nothing I can eat, but mostly because I don’t WANT to give my money to those companies. I will only get the occasional Papa John’s but vegan style of course 

I can eat raw veggies without squirming!!

I am way more experimental with my food

I feel lighter and my overall health feels massively improved

I sleep a lot better

Food shopping is so much fun now! And a lot cheaper!

I rarely eat frozen or proccesed food anymore

I’m finding that the longer I’m vegan the less I crave processed foods, and the more I crave fresh/wholefoods.

I never get sick, even when everyone around me is. So my immune system has vastly improved

I can actually cook, as I’m forced to cook from fresh and research new recipes 

I really care about my overall health now, and am much more conscious about what food I eat and its health benefits

I used to have SUCH a love for animals, (all animals not just cats and dogs) when I was very young. And I got distanced from that over time. I feel more connected with that side of me now, more than I ever did before.

Rae 🌱❤️

Debatable: Is Veganism “Trendy”

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I have only been vegan for almost 8 months but I started my journey well over a year ago, slowly cutting out meat, then fish then dairy followed by only purchasing cruelty free products and clothing. It was a whole process for me, it was an awakening, after seeing documentaries like Earthlings and Cowspiricy, I could no longer contribute and my whole mindset had changed. I believe that taking small steps over the course of a few months to a year is the most effective way to go vegan and stay vegan. But if people are willy nilly going vegan with no research or real care for it… well I’m worried that they won’t stay on the right path, or do it for the right reasons.

 I’m all for spreading the vegan message in any way possible as much as the next plant loving friend… and I have been reading a lot in the news lately that vegansim is slowly becoming the biggest “trend” in the UK. 

When I say those words… Veganism becoming a “trend” it makes me feel very different things. On one hand I’m like… “hell yeah! this is such awesome news” and on the other hand I’m like… “oh no, will people take it seriously enough” 

And I know what all non-vegan’s will say, “well isn’t that what you wanted?” And the answer is, Yes! We do want Vegansim to become a trend, we want it to be the norm! But we do not want people to simply think of it as a fashion statement, or something to make them stand out from the crowd. Vegansim is not just about you. It is mostly about the animals, their welfare and their rights, It is the most selfless lifestyle on the planet, and should never be seen as a ‘fad’. 

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