Debatable | Being Vegan Is Expensive!

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People who are not Vegan LOVE to say how expensive it is and use it as one of the many excuses for them not to go Vegan…

I’ve even hear some Vegan’s say they find it more expensive than their previous lifestyle.

In my opinion Veganism is one of the most budget friendly lifestyles out there. It is as expensive as you make it. Continue reading

10 Tips for New Vegans | 10 Months Vegan

As of August I will have been Vegan for officially 10 months, Wohoo!

If I’m honest, this lifestyle feels so natural too me I often forget that I am vegan. Not in the sense where I forget and go ahead and binge on animal products… more in the sense that everything that I was trying to change 10 months ago, has become second nature to me now.

I know that being a vegan for 10 months doesn’t make me an expert or anything, but I feel like I can give some pretty useful advice to people who are considering veganism or new to veganism.

So here are my 10 tips for New Vegans Continue reading

Tomato, Chickpea Curry & Homemade Coconut Vegan Naan | Eat of the Week!

Coming At Ya with another Eat of The Week!

This blog seems to just be about food lately and i’m not complaining….There are 2 types of dishes that I adore making! (And eating obvs) Curry’s & Chilli’s

They are both super easy, super tasty and super cheap to make. But today I’m sharing with you this beaut curry with homemade vegan naan! FYI- it’s not as easy to find pre-made vegan naan as you’d think!…. Or is that just me? Let me know in the comments!! Continue reading

Easy Peasy Coconut & Cashew Brownies


I never made brownies before I became Vegan… Thinking about it, I never even baked before I became Vegan (life changing stuff) But I was very surprised at how cheap & easy these are to make. Deliciously light with a subtle coconut & vanilla flavour with the occasional crunch of creamy cashews, these brownies are a perfect Summer snack! Continue reading

5 Cheap & Easy Vegan Lunches


Ah Lunch! I love you and hate you all at the same time, to me there is something so satisfying about really enjoying the food you scoff down halfway through the day, it’s the meal I think about most.

But I always end up arguing with myself…I want to eat clean! But I want something a bit naughty! No I do not want to spend  £4.50 on a tiny salad from Pret, and whats with all the coriander, who even likes coriander and who can really afford £4.50 on a small bowl of lettuce and some soggy falafels every single day. It’s an outrage I tell you!!

Anyway, rant over… here are some Cheap & Easy Vegan Lunch ideas. Tasty enough to take to Work, School, University or The Moon! Ok probably not the moon… p.s they are also very budget friendly!

Continue reading

Delicious Crispy Mushroom & Tofu Gyoza | Eat of The Week!

What’s up friends! Welcome to my new series called

Eat Of The Week!

Now every Friday I will either share a Debatable or an Eat Of The Week with you! But you won’t know which one until its out. It’s all very exciting really!

This week’s Eat 

Homemade Crispy Vegan Mushroom & Tofu Gyoza! 

Gyoza or Dumplings are one of my favorite things to eat. They are always readily available when you are eating out, weather you go to a Chinese restaurant, Japanese restaurant or just a high street shop like Itsu or Wasabi. You are never too far from a Vegetable Gyoza!

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5 Easy Vegan Smoothies/Juices to Get You Going!

Hello! It’s Me …. No I’m not about to start singing Adele to you.

But I am about to introduce you to 5 of my Favorite Vegan smoothies/juices!

I LOVE every one of these, they are easy to rustle up, tasty and extremely good for you!! Full of all the necessary vitamins and minerals to boost you metabolism, clear your skin and cleanse your beautiful souls!

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