September Favourites | Vegan & Cruelty Free


September has been a month of self care for me.  I gave up foundation and other face makeup, bought a ton of skincare products and focused on improving ma skin!

Now, my face wasn’t horrendous before I have up foundation I was just fed up with relying on so much makeup everyday in order to feel good about myself. I shouldn’t have to put a ton of makeup on to feel confident in how I look.

But I will say that my skin has improved MASSIVELY over the past 6 weeks without it. If you would like me to make a video about how I gave up makeup and improved my skin tone & texture then just drop a HELL YEAH! In the comments below

Annyyway, here are all the goodies I have been loving this September. Don’t forget to share with your pals on Facebook & Instagram to show them they won’t miss out on anything when they go Vegan!

Enjoy the video 

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